Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Buckeye Goodies and Everybody's Fav!!!!

{Note: The Friday Groaner is getting a week off out of respect for my beloved Buckeyes!!!!! I promise that it will return next week without fail!!!!!!!}
Here's the Ohio State logo. You'll probably see it 100 times if you watch the game on Saturday at noon EST on ABC.

One of the reasons the Buckeye are such a success is their terrific fans!!!!!!

And there's the team which is what it's really all about!!!! This video starts out with a 1924 version of the Battle Cry and sums up Ohio State Football and the Michigan rivalry!!!!

Everyone's been writing me about how much they love TBDBITL'S "Script Ohio" routine. Here's some wag's wacky interpretation!!!! Bet he and his buddies had a blast "preparing" the bottles. LOL

And here's what y'all have been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Gooooooooooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I know where you'll be at noon eastern, Kay. I volunteer that afternoon at the library with a woman who graduated from Ohio State. I wonder if she'll bring a TV with her?

  2. Nancy8:42 AM


    Going away for the Thanksgiving holiday.

    See you next Saturday when we get back.....

  3. If those guys emptied all those bottles before spelling OHIO I would thing they had more than a blast; maybe a blast off. (Ohhh the hangover. It's painful to think about it.) I hope your Buckeyes win.

  4. i'm realizing i only know about the buckeyes from ohio. but they're ohio state. what about ohio university?

    signed, woefully ignorant of such things....

  5. Well, thanks for Script Ohio! Maybe they'll show it on the TV broadcast of the game. Think when they do it's usually at the beginning of the game.

    Xtreme English, congrats to you that you know they are two separate Universities.
    Ohio University (OU) is in Southern Ohio in a small town called, Athens. Ohio State is in the state capitol, Columbus, located in Central Ohio. I hear the two schools mixed up a lot with people referring mostly to OSU as Ohio University.


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