Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Local Perspective on the Election

Charita Goshay was the first black woman hired as a news reporter by our local newspaper. She was also the first black woman to have an op-ed column in our city. Her weekly column is always interesting as she comments on local and national events as well as the foibles and failings of society -- politics, social issues, life in our city, ad infinitum. Her rapier wit and style has hit home with all of us at one time or another. I have had the pleasure of meeting her and have heard her speak on various occasions and she is excellent as well as a really nice person. I email her when I particularly enjoy her column and she always writes back -- her mama raised her well.

I was really looking forward to her Sunday column because I knew she would have something well worth reading to say about Barack Obama's election and I wasn't disappointed. Here's a segment from it:

"Chances are, the wealth didn't "spread" your way last week. I'm betting you still have bills to pay.

Because there always will be forgotten corners of this nation, no matter who is the president.
Crime, poverty and discrimination did not vanish Tuesday night.


However, we would be remiss, even naive, to deny that some things have changed.

What's different is, if you're young, gifted and/or black, Obama has all but obliterated your excuses for not trying.

What's changed is, those who have acquired influence and power by peddling the pathology of victimhood should find another line of work, as their words ring increasingly thin. "

Do y'all see why I like her so much? She doesn't tiptoe around -- she cuts right to the chase. Y'all can read the editorial in its entirety here as well as some of her previous columns if you're interested.

And yeah, I emailed her and yeah, she wrote back.

Happy blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Harriett12:54 AM

    Yeah...she sounds like Bill Cosby! I we just need to get rid of affirmative always was reverse racism!

  2. Kay
    Thanks for the link.
    I am bookmarking her column because she is going on my *must read* list.
    She's wonderful.

    Bear((( )))

  3. Harriet: Affirmative action wasn't just for blacks and discrimination is still alive and well -- I am a prime example. I've lived with it every day for 30 years.

    Bear: I'm glad you like her -- she is an amazing lady. She is someone I wish I knew better -- I'd love to hang out with her.

  4. Kay, since you have met her maybe you could invite her for coffee some day. I'll bet she would like to hang out with you too.

  5. LOVE THIS! thanks, Kay. She sounds like she has her head on right. I've thought the same thing many times about just about any group who claims "professional victimhood," but never had the guts to say it plain out. that includes those of us who are deef.....

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  7. I love people who cut to the chase.

  8. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Really like that Ms Goshay! Thanks for the introduction.
    Cop Car

  9. Thanks for sharing this, Kay. And I really liked your Veterans Day post, too.

  10. I read a couple of her columns. Smart lady. I may have to swipe one or two of them for future blogfodder.

  11. Glad y'all liked her as much as I do. She is one of our local treasures and I respect her greatly.

  12. A voice that says things that need to be said is very worth reading and respecting.

  13. Hattie: Indeed! And that's why I wanted to share her with y'all!

  14. She's terrific, Kay! I also liked her column about taking her family members "into the voting booth" with her. I remember those days in the south, at least as far back as the 50s. She's so right...


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