Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buckeye Week!!!!!

Buckeye Week continues with lots more fun!!! Today we have some different things and more from TBDBITL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This from my Some People Really Take Fandom to New Levels Department (Five Bucks says the guy who did this is single.):

More from my Some People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands Department: A LEGO replica of The 'Shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty cool, huh?

And if you couldn't get tickets (a herculean task at best) or if you hate the cold and will be watching at home and are having one the many parties being held across the state, tomorrow will be the perfect day to start getting your buckeyes ready. What are buckeyes, you ask? Wellllll, buckeyes are the fruit of the buckeye tree which is the State Tree of Ohio. Buckeyes from the tree are inedible for humans. However, someone wiser than I long ago came up with a wonderful imitation!!!! And being the magnanimous sort, I am providing y'all with a really easy recipe!!!!

Buckeye Recipe (makes 100)

1 1/2 lbs. powdered sugar
1/2 lb. margarine
1 lb. creamy peanut butter
1 large package chocolate chips
1/3 slab paraffin

Mix sugar, margarine and peanut butter together. Chill in refrigerator overnight. Roll above mixture into small balls about 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter and place on cookie sheets. Chill in refrigerator overnight.

In a double boiler, melt chocolate chips. Add paraffin and mix. Use a toothpick to spear each ball and lower into chocolate leaving a small area at the top . . . the eye of the buckeye. Place on cookie sheet to cool and get firm. Use finger to 'smooth over' toothpick hole. Keep refrigerated. YUM!!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!

Here's TBDBITL as they line up on the ramp entrance for the pregame show. Note: When they renovated the 'Shoe, they made sure to include a ramp for the band so as not to change their entrance routine.) Watch as they get ready to take the field -- the players aren't the only ones who are 'up' for the game!

Here you can see TBDITL as they perform their signature entrance to the 'Shoe. The song they play is The Buckeye Battle Cry aka fight song!

Gooooooooooooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. We never outgrow Legos! I'll be back to look at the videos when I get my WIRELESS CONNECTIONS!!!! Huzzah!

  2. Now I finally know what Buckeyes are.
    Wait until I tell my daughter that what we have been making for years are called Buckeyes.
    Thanks for your kind get well wishes.

    Bear((( )))

  3. C ould you be a bigger fan? I don't think so....LOL

  4. Love the dot the"i" routine next to the Dame the Buckeyes are my favourite college

  5. thanks for posting the YouTube clips! I LOVE marching bands -- especially ones that all the pieces actually MARCH (No pits please) and all those lovely brass instruments (my daughter was in the marching band in high school and only quit after she had to have knee surgery!)

    this was fun!!

  6. Annie-- Cool!!!

    Bear -- glad to see you up and atound and that I was actually educational in my Buckeye fever.

    Judy: Noooooooo the guy with the car is a bigger fan although my Miss Ruby is red with a gray interior so she's a fan, too.

    GFB: Script Ohio will be here on Friday -- you didn't think I'd omit it, do you?

    Bev: I'm with you. I think the best part of the OSU band is the discipline and enthisiasm. My daughter played in Marching, Jazz and Concert bands and was a brass player. She used to say that the only reason she would consider Ohio State was to be in the band --she wanted to be the tuba player who dots the 'i' which is a huge honor. It goes to the most outstanding senior tuba player. Famous alumni get the honor, too. Woody Hayes dotted the 'i' after he retired.

  7. While I am not a football fan (I know, I know - that's sacrilegious) but I am a fan of marching bands. Both my son and daughter were members of marching bands and the school orchestras. My son went on to become a professional musician.

  8. I was a graduate student at USC and was always amazed during the fall term when all the football fans and alums would show up on campus each weekend of a home game to celebrate and party. What a wacky group! I root for any college team that plays USC. What can I say...I'm not your typical USC alum.

  9. Hi………
    Very cool your blog!
    Great! Keep writing…….
    Good week

  10. I loved the two videos. Isn't it grand? I love that band. They looked so wonderful.

    now when everyone is talking about dotting the I, is that the person who runs out last and through everyone to go to the front? I thought he was the leader. Shows you how much I know.

    btw. It is rival week here. HUGE RIVALS. The biggest ever. And that would be the blue vs. red or BYU vs. UofU. And those who are fans are HUGE FANS and take it really seriously. Huge divisions.
    Myself, I lean towards BYU, mainly because I am an alumni, of sorts. Never graduated, but I now have inherited sons who attended UofU, so I cannot take sides now, but since none of them read comments on this blog, I will say, secretly, I am blue.
    And yes, I had to look up Buckeye to see if it really was that nut I knew about when I was very small, and it was.
    thanks for the blog, Kay.


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