Monday, November 03, 2008

All Done

I was all set to write a nastygram about people who have been divisive in their comments and in their blogs with talk about "YOUR" America and "MY" America that grates on the one nerve I have left and is hanging on by a thread for dear life after this long and brutal campaign.

However, I stopped by and visited my conservative friend Hillbilly Willy's blog a bit ago and changed my mind. I figure if a diehard Republican like Willy can remember his convictions and state that he will do as the Bible exhorts us: "pray for and support one's leaders", so can an Independent like lil' old me. And I joined him in this wholeheartedly. Whoever wins today is going to need our prayers and support as he's inheriting a genuine bona fide mess.

Neither of us is a saint. Willy says he'll rant if the new leader messes up as I will holler and stomp my soapbox (if it ever gets back from the shop).

The bottom line is we are all Americans and this is OUR country and it behooves us to come together to make this country a better place. It might sound trite but united we stand and divided we fall. I believe that.

This campaign is has gotten a lot of people involved who had never done so before and keeping that momentum and commitment going would a good thing. If we work together we can accomplish miracles. And if we keep an eye on the people who are supposed to take care of us in Washington, we can accomplish our goals and build a better America.

My prayer is that whoever wins keeps in mind that ALL of us are citizens and deserve the best we can manage in solving the problems we're facing and that a gracious God is good to us!

God Bless America!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You said it, girl!! That's what good Americans do :)

    Does Comments work for you now? I looked at the settings, & everything seems to be OK. Let me know.

  2. Well said. Brava!

  3. 10-4 Kay.

    Today we quit wondering who will run this mess and began to try to see how!

    10-4 Willy

  4. Well said, Kay! Whoever wins needs our prayer and support (Of course, I no longer support GWB, and I wonder how he will have the nerve to build a presidential library ... what would be in it?).

  5. Thanks Steph, Claudia and Willy!

    Amy: his coloring books, of course! LOL

  6. Ha ha Amy and Kay. I have gotten so turned off of the whole mess that I didn't watch a single debate. I even stopped watching TV so I wouldn't have to watch the stupid campaign ads . I will vote today, but only because I want to have a right to complain when the next guy messes up.
    Thanks for reminding me to pray for our leaders. I will start right now, so we will get the right one in there. I don't have a clue who to even vote for. I looked at the ballot in our local paper, and I am still undecided.
    maybe a write-in? Who supports the Constitution?
    Have a wonderful day, Kay.

  7. I am at the point of saying, like a character in a movie I like, 'I haven't prayed in a very long time. I think it is time to start again.' Whoever gets in will have to meet our multiple crises with courage, conviction, humility, and imagination. I pray they have enough and that we have patience enough to let them get on with it.

  8. Yes, I agree Kay. We are all Americans who love our country...and we need to come together to show our support of our next president, of one another, and of our country.

  9. amen and amen

    I'm praying hard!

  10. I hope it's time for the divisiveness to end for the sake of our country. The next president is going to have a hard enough time trying to straighten out all the messes from the past eight years without treating politics like a football game.

  11. To see all the happy people at the polls today is a pretty good sign that the melodrama is over and as Americans we're ready to embrace our new leader. That's the way my parents raised me -- to campaign before the election and then to embrace the new President Of The United States regardless of who I was for before the election.

  12. Good wisdom. We have come through a very difficult campaign season and our country faces many potential disasters. It's amazing anybody wants to be president when you think how they take the blame for it all. We have to think and act positively and hope whoever is elected will have wisdom for the difficult times we face. Nothing is finished with Iraq and there is Iran and on and on it goes. There is though a feeling of pride that we can vote and elect a leader; then hopefully come together, from all parties, to help that person be successful. To wish them bad if it's not our party that wins is self defeating and stupid. This time, I think it'll take more than wishing and we will have to do some doing ourselves instead of expecting our leaders to do it all-- if we want to be successful

  13. amen amen amen! Brava, Kay, thanks for a great post as we all are sitting watching returns. We will pray for whoever wins to be able to walk in the light...

  14. Thanks to all y'all who have come forward with support for our new leaders. It's time to bury our differences, move on and begin the mending of fences and healing as well as helping our new leader get through the morass of you-know-what that you-know-who has left behind. That will be a Herculean task at best.

  15. Kay,
    You are so right. It is time to come together. I am sure there have been other really bad and hurtful campaigns in our history, but not one that has upset me like this one.

    Think I will be up late tonight though watching the voting results.

  16. Yes, We CAN!!

    truly a historic night


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