Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Saturday Ruminations Between Naps

Yeah, I've been sleeping a lot -- usually in two or three hour increments. Sigh. Richard cancelled our excursion to my disappointment (sorta). He had to go over to his dad's. Dad is eighty-something and still in mourning so I do understand. I really don't feel like I should drive feeling this groggy and was hoping to get to the grocery as well as getting my printer cartridges refilled. The curtains, etc. can wait. Rich said he would call later so perhaps I'll get to the grocery later.

* So much for Claritin. (I've TOLD these idiots that I don't have allergies!) I feel worse than I did last night. I just have to wait until I see the doc on Monday and pray. If I don't get some results or answers then, there will be hell to pay. And if the doc treats me like an idiot, I won't guarantee anything. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired -- a dangerous combination.

* Good news!!!! Jack Cafferty will be back on CNN next week. I've missed him and I'll be interested to hear his no-holds-barred thoughts on Election 2008. Again, my condolences to him and his daughters. If you haven't read his book, It's Getting Ugly Out There, I recommend that you do so. He is as honest about himself as he is about "the frauds, bunglers, and liars" running our country.

* One of my favorite stores here in town is the deep discount pharmacy where I get my scrips at really good prices. That's a very good reason to love it but there's a better one. It's something called Aisle One--which is really about three aisles--chock full of all manor of things from electronics to furniture. Buyouts and closeouts from all sorts of stores with huge savings of 50-90%!!! When I was furnishing my apartment on a miniscule budget after I separated from my husband, it was a frequent stop for me. I bought everything from corkscrews to lamps and much, much more. It's still a stop for me as I am an inveterate bargain hunter as I think y'all have guessed. Once one masters the art of frugality, it's a hard habit to break.

A long while back, Ronni Bennett of Time Goes By shared a discovery with us gals at her site. Revlon had introduced a line of makeup for women of a certain age called Vital Radiance and she liked it a lot. I went and visited the website and ordered the samples and pronounced it good stuff after trying it. I don't wear makeup much and hate the greasy heavy stuff they try to foist on older women. I also hate the junk they foist on younger women. But I digress . . . Vital Radiance was discontinued which disappointed me greatly. The other night while I was waiting for my scrip to be ready, I wandered over to Aisle One, browsed a bit stopping at a rack of makeup and, Lo and Behold! there was a whole bunch of makeup, concealer and blush bearing the Vital Radiance logo. I checked to see if my colors were there and, hallelujah, they were! -- ranging in price from $1.59-1.99!!!!!! I grabbed everything in my colors and had them ring it up with my scrip. Wow! I actually have makeup that I like again and will look nice for a long time. Maybe if I check their other stores . . .

* Over at Straight Talk on McCain, the author takes on one of his detractors in a wonderfully lucid and logical (and, as always, well-documented) piece defending his stance against McCain. (Note: I don't blame him for not giving his name. Some of the more rabid McCain supporters scare me.)

* I know some of you are wondering about How I Got to Be Me. Never fear! I will write more! With the priorities of the present, I simply haven't had time to work on it.

* Yes, I still want to vote NO! for president or write in a candidate -- I've done the latter before or wrote in a candidate. Unfortunately, I don't think I have that luxury and again vote against rather than for someone. It's too close in Ohio to risk McCain getting our electoral votes. Sigh.

* Here's a video on the economy that I thought is worthy of consideration after the debacle of the bailout.

I hope I can stay awake to see what new fun they have with Sarah on SNL!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I sure hope you feel better soon. It's been too long!

    I watched the beginning of SNL, but the skits were so uninteresting and stupid that I turned it off and came to the computer. I long for the old days of SNL. Don't you?

  2. Kay, eBay has a lot of Vital Radiance products for sale.

  3. Judy: I was upset with it. I long for The Not Ready for Prime Tine Players.

    Annie: I checked. The prices are wayyyy too high. I think I bought enough to last me into senility. I spent less than thirty bucks on this stuff.

  4. Looks from here that SSarah even screwed up the SNL opportunity too!

  5. Kay,

    I hope you feel better soon. You never cease to make me think and laugh, even in the midst of not feeling well. I'll send up a prayer for you.

  6. I do hope your doctor can find out what's going on and can prescribe the correct medication this time. So sorry you're still on the 'outs'.

  7. A giggle for you:

    Q. What's the difference between a pigeon and a mortgage banker?

    A. A pigeon can still put a deposit on a Ferrari.

    Feel better, and that right soon!


  8. Stu: I turnrd it off when I realized she was there. I demand equal time for Joe Biden.

    Amy: I'm trying. You are sooo kind!!!!

    Darlene: I do, too. I see a doc tomorrow.

    Volly: LOLOL!!!! I needed that giggle!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

  9. Hope you are feeling better, Kay. Saw the doc today myself. Doing tests but do have bursitis in shoulder.

    Love your groaner today.

  10. 'ppreciate you're putting the country first by voting the D presidential ticket instead of your "no vote." Here in Utah my vote doesn't count, but I do it anyhow. Of note: I was driving out of the neighborhood the other night and saw a truck parked on the street with a sign in the window that said "Mormons for Obama." I probably don't need to tell you what a select group they must be. But it does give me a glimmer of hope.


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