Saturday, November 15, 2008

Post Election Thoughts

My dear, dear friend, Naomi Hagen Bloom who is A Little Red Hen wrote some very wise words that I really consider important regarding the election:

". . . been thinking how some of us need to point out, as Biden did last week, that we have to temper our expectations of Obama who will inherit monumental problems."

She is so very right. Obama has won the election but we aren't out of the woods yet, boys and girls. For him to be able to begin to implement the changes that he's proposing, it's going to take a while. First, he'll have to do some major housekeeping, i.e., clean up the messes the current resident of the White House will have left behind and there are many -- very many.

Next, he's going to have to convince Congress and the Senate that what he wants to do will work so they pass the necessary legislation. And of course there's always what I call "the sore loser factor" where some legislators are obstructive out of sheer cussedness because they can.

He also has to figure out a way to bring the country back together. The anger and hatred I saw as McCain gave his concession speech scares the hell outta me. This is not the G.O.P. of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater --those guys had style, class and intelligence. The ignorance and venom I saw in Election 2008 from these so-called humanoids was at a depth I'd never seen before and I mourn the loss of civility in our society.

And Sarah Palin running around whining is definitely not helping. This is my advice to her: Honey, if you don't have the cojones to play sacrificial lamb, get the hell outta politics. You have been thrown under the bus by the big kids which really shouldn't surprise you given your attitude and delight in inciting hate. If you were a class act, you would shut up, go back to Alaska, do your job, and take care of that special needs baby like a good mother should. Say what you will about Obama, Sarah, he had the class not to stoop to your shoddy at best level.

The bottom line is that somehow, some way we have to put aside our differences and stop the epithets and nastiness and work for what is best for this country. I'm willing -- are you?

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  1. You pull no punches, Ms. Kay! You're right about the GOP. I grew up entrenched in the GOP, and those glory days ended long ago. It's sad.

  2. Yes it is, Amy. I am tired of the divisiveness and downright prejudice that permeated this election. McCain used "Country First" as his motto. If he was really concerned about that, he wouldn't have run such a nasty campaign. And for sure he wouldn't have chosen Palin as his running mate.

  3. On November 5th I noted the same thing about "...the mindset of those who are so bent on wishing [President-elect Obama] ill that they hope that their own United States will not prosper under his administration..."

  4. The sad part of the post election is the National Review Post Election cruise htat took place where 700 conservatives were enjoying themselves so much. One would think that they would be thoroughly depressed, but no. Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson were exciting the crowd telling them over and over that Sarah Palin "is one of us". The papers make note of the conservative wing of the party working on a Palin-Romney for 2012!
    Please go away and stop winking at us!
    The other point is this: We always tend to hope that our great leaders will pull us out of the muck that we got stuck in. Business looks for bail outs and hand outs when they are in dire needs, as do the public in general. Last I checked these same parties do not offer up more tax money when times are good. GM had record years and the shareholders did well by them, but now the car buying is in the tank, they want money from the government to bail them out. I love the idea of a fresh new President with new ideas, but I don't think the change will happen until we (North Americans) decide to change as well.

  5. Hughes ap: you said it right! And we aren't going to prosper if we fight among ourselves for the next four years.

    Dave: I love getting the viewpoint from Canada -- it's great seeing what our long time friends and neighbors think and you've said some important things here.

    I'm wondering if my blood pressure can take 4 years of this.

    I thought this last election's campaign lasted far too long. Is the 2012 campaign starting already?If it is, I'm going to find the money to move to Mexico and stay there. I don't know this country anymore.

  6. As long as the GOP stays aligned with the Evangelical Christian Right, they are going to lose. What our nation rejected on November 4th was the cultural war that the RR has been waging on us for the last 35 years. The GOP needs to go back to the Constitution and reread the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. It's not hard to miss because it's the very FIRST statement made in the Bill of Rights. If the separation of church and state was the very first ideal laid out in our Constitution, then our forefathers must have felt very strongly about it. RELIGION AND POLITICS DON'T MIX!

  7. That the GOP is actually thinking of Sarah Palin as their next candidate shows just how low they have sunk. Unbelievable!

  8. as always, Kay, you've hit all the nails on the head

    one of the things that most encouraged me about Obama's campaign was his honest attempt to get politics out of the gutter and into the relm of talking about ISSUES!

    You're right about Ms. Sarah too --
    and please, although I was glued to MSNBC for hours during the campaign, we need a break already!!

    I'm still worried about the hate-mongers, but hopeful that cooler, brighter heads will prevail

  9. Willy is in disagreement with all of you liberals. Sorry about the label. However, one must recognize that many of the decisions that have been made over the last few years are supported and made by a democrat congress.

    Second Sarah Palin is a common gal that seems to have the guts to stand up for what she believes. - If that is wrong then Willy is Wrong too.

    Next - Separation of Church and state is not exactly what it says. If we leave our foundational Christian beliefs out of our politics then we get what we have.

    Pacificist, abortionist, with questionable beliefs as our leaders.

    And yes - we should expect much immediately out of Barack Hussein Obama - He promised much - if he does not deliver on his promises than that must make him also a liar.

    His presidency to be is already causing unrest in the south. Willy is not a racist - never has been and never will be - but race - Black with much arrogance are taking the place of what whites were doing in the early days and are touting their superiority in our public schools - This is racism!

    Mr. Obama says he is against that but yet he has supported those who are antagonizing it. Only after he was running for president did he denounce those kind.

    Willy is troubled. Willy enjoys reading these blogs but feels it is only right for Willy to speak his mind when it appears that those - yes those of you who are writing here are seeing things and saying things that you denounce in others - McCain and Palin for instance.

    Sorry for the rant on your blog Kay.

    Don't hate Willy or toss him out please.

    10-4 Willy

  10. Willy, I would never toss you out! You and I agreed to disagree long ago. I'm going to email you on this.

    Please don't call me a liberal because I'm not. I'm not even a Democrat -- I basically hate politicians. I just vote for the candidate I think is best. If I have to label myself at all, I am a Constitutionalist and I want that fine document restored to the respect it deserves.

    My dear departed daddy told me that opinions are like bellybuttons (daddy used a different part of anatomy) -- everybody has one and everybody is entitled to one and taught me that I should study the candidates carefully. It's why I read both the Washington Times and the Washington Post and lots of other media outlets -- I want the big picture.

    You are welcome here, my friend, because you are polite and respectful -- people who just come here to cause trouble (and don't even have a blog so I can reply) are not. And I know you're not a racist. Obama isn't either -- he can't be without denying his heritage and his mother and grandparents who raised him. Give his propers on that.

    There is room to disagree here and you did it right as friends should. I'm a little sensitive on how people disagree after being called "a stupid liberal" by someone who I loved ang allegedly loved me but that's another blog that will probably never be written.

    10-4 Kay

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Rana: Get your own damned blog and post your idiocy there or are you too lazy or stupid to do it?

    I'm guessing the latter because you obviously don't document what you right and God forbid you research the swill you spew and take a look at both sides of the issues.

    My blog IS NOT your forum nor will it ever be. Any further comments from you without giving you the dignity of a response. People like you are what's wrong with this country. You buy into anything that fits your many prejudices.

    The God I believe in is goi8ng to send you to hell.

  13. To all y'all who read here:

    Please forgive me for the above tantrum. This person has decided to make my blog her personal forum but it ain't happenin', boys and girls! Maybe she needs to find a place more suited to her particular brand of b.s. Henceforth, her comments will be deleted unread. I'm guessin that intelligent right wing bloggers are doing the same.

  14. Thanks for the apology, Kay, although I understand your anger about all of this. I have no idea what provoked the "God I believe in will send you to hell" comment, but this attitude on BOTH sides, provoked or unprovoked, is what will send us ALL to hell. I think one of the best things we can all do to help our country right now is to listen to those with whom we disagree and try to understand their perspective. It doesn't help to label people "humanoids" or any such thing. It's good to know that Willy feels free to comment honestly on your blog. I agree with him about the abortion issue, and I pray that Obama will have the courage to listen to the "religious right" and their deep feelings on this and other issues. They are primed to be marginalized under Obama, and it would be the greatest thing of all if he were to truly listen to them. They are right, you know -- life DOES begin at conception. The question is, how are we going to respond to that knowledge in a society where we have all gotten out of the habit of sacrificing for anything. And our selfishness, be it innate or learned, is the root of much else that is wrong in our country.
    It's not easy to listen to each other. You have to sacrifice your own point of view long enough to truly hear what the other is saying.

  15. Thanks newine! I do listen to others' viewpoints if they present rational non-confrontational thoughts as you and my long-time blogging buddy Willy did. (In fact, I was a little hurt that Willy thought I might get angry with him). However, I will not tolerate someone who thinks they can use MY blog as their forum for their irrational and ill-founded and ill-researched rants with lies in it. I respect my regular readers too much to allow that.

    Anyone who reads here knows that knows I am a Catholic and I do not, as a matter of faith, believe in abortion. They also that I also do not believe in being a one-issue voter when the economy is in ruins, our children are dying and being maimed in Iraq in another VietNam, the Constitution has been desecrated and there are more people living in poverty than ever before in this country. I vote for the greater good for ALL Americans which is how I was taught to vote. I refuse to align myself with any political party -- especially one that espouses hate as did the GOP in this election -- and will continue to vote my conscience until I die. And I will feel no compunction in my forum to allow hateful people use my blog for their forum.

  16. Kay, This is my first visit to your blog and I am very impressed by the dialog here between people of diverse points of view. Dialog like this makes me feel hope for the United States and the world.

  17. Parapluie: How nice of you to visit me! I do allow dialogue if presented rationally. I will not, however, allow people to attack me or my beliefs -- especially without a link I can follow to know who they are.


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