Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Omigod! Kay's a Witch!!!!!

Ingredients: Stir in the board of our neighborhood association, a passle of kids and their mamas, and a stack of fabric and trimmings with glue guns and scissors. Top it all off with apple cider and treats. Toss in a witch with a camera for good measure and what have you got? Our neighborhood's Make Your Own Halloween Costume Party!!!!!!!! Cool, huh?

The sequins and feathers on The Kay's elegant veiled satin witch hat don't show because, as the evening's photographer, I had to keep it so I could take pictures. Everyone had a good laugh as I'm not famous for turning up in costume. My neighbor across the street saw me leaving and joked that my ensemble was type-casting. I laughed and delivered the Girl Scout salute as I admonished him to read between the lines.

Mike and Lynda -- are cute as the clown and the sunflower.

Deloris. our president, goes Goth!

Spencer is detail-oriented as he carefully plots the trimming for his monk's robe.

Mason's mommy did a wonderfully creative Raggedy Andy costume

Our guests showing off their costumes and/or fancy Trick or Treat bags!

And a good time was had by all!

We would have liked a better turnout but everyone had a great time and we sent home happy kids and happy mamas which means the word will spread and when we do it again next year, there will be more!

I am dog tired after two busy, busy days of go, go, go. Thank the Good Lord that I'm feeling slowly but surely better. Now I'm going to get rid of this tacky makeup and toddle these achy old bones to bed. It's off to work tomorrow and I've a huge project waiting on my desk. Hopefully, I'll get a bit of peace over the weekend.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. And a classy witch at that! You look like you're going to fly your broom over to Ascot to take tea with the Queen while watching the ponies!

    Cute pictures!

  2. I am so impressed by the fact that you are still under par, working a job, doing all these extra things and then writing your post before going to bed. I would have collapsed about half way through your day.

    Love your hat.

  3. I thought you weren't feeling well....LOL.How do you go to a party like that when you're not well?

  4. LOL Judy & Darlene -- I'm the Energizer Bunny. Trust me when I tell you that I didn't plan to be ill and believe me, I wish I hadn't been. However, I am a person who keeps her commitments so I muddled through, Trust me also when I tell you I'm going to be raising some hell at the meeting in two weeks because there were a couple things that occured that made things uncomfortable for me with my health issues that could have been devasztating.

  5. Steph: You are toooo sweet!!!!

  6. Cute costumes. I always relate to the witch ones. I am glad you are feeling better as I have been feeling lousy this week and will be glad when I am feeling better! I think some stomach flu combined with that fall I took a week or so ago. Ouch. But lots of naps and Bengay help

  7. I love Halloween costumes and decor and I have always been of the opinion that the homemade ones look better than the fancy shmancy(is that a word) store bought ones.

    Bear((( )))


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