Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Video -- Laughter and Tears

Sorry, I am not doing much tonight -- I had a long day at work and spent some time with folks I hadn't seen in an eon and came home to watch the debate. I have been collecting these videos and I think they say a lot about the McCain-Palin Campaign that is truly horrifying. This post starts with a giggle and should end with tears. The last one indicates a sickness in our society.

I think John Cleese nailed it!

Conservatives on McCain

McCain finally admits the truth.

From My I TOLD YOU SO Department:

Conservative Christopher Buckley Tells Why He's Voting for Obama

Last but Not Least . . . Unadulterated Sickness


  1. Kay
    Come over to my blog today.
    I have something for you.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Great job, Kay. Putting these videos in sequence really says it all. Thanks for the work you did after putting in a hard day.

  3. Boy you did great work putting together those videos. I especially like John Cleese but then like most of what he's done over the years. His take was great. I saw Buckley on Hardball. This whole thing is hard to believe but here we are and this close to Sarah McCain ending up our next president. Totally amazing!

  4. Kay, I missed these before, but they are all great!!


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