Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Comic Side of Politics

This comedy video just cracked me up!!! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh to keep from crying!!!! Hope y'all enjoy this!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I decided I'm taking a day off from politics after talking with Rain of Rainy Day Thoughts today. We both agree that we're going to need a break after the election in November.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. To think I burned ny bra back in the sixties because I actually thought I was doing something good for the sisterhood.
    Who knew it would all come to this.

    Poor Bella Abzug is rolling over in her grave right now.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Well, this one is just a skit! The same actress did both voices.

    I didn't burn my bra -- I waited too long to have something to put in one! (blush)

    But yeah, I know what you're saying! I wonder what Gloria's saying about Sarah. Hmmmmm Maybe I'd better go look.

  3. Thanks for the funny video. We do need a big laugh right now.

    I will be joining you and Rain after the election for time off from politics. I think I will extend my time to a month because if McCain/Palin wins it will take me that long to get over my depression.

  4. I don't think the rose garden's gonna bloom no matter who wins. Until we wake up and demand that all the careless spending and Constitutional abuse be eliminated by honorable men who are in the pocket of lobbyists, we are lost. Am I cynical? Damn right!!!!

  5. Hillary's so smart. I think Obama will have a high spot for her in his adminstration. Palin? She's clueless.


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