Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Methinks Ms. Sarah Has Shot Herself in the Foot

A friend sent this video along which unequivocally demonstrates Sarah Palin's unsuitability to be the Vice President of our country. I'm not going to comment -- I think it speaks volumes for itself when a Conservative woman blasts her. I gave Katie lotsa points for not running screaming from the interview. What do y'all think?

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  1. Kay
    We've been playing over at Dianne's blog
    to see who can come up with the perfect Katie line for that video.
    Why don't you come over and play with us?

    Bear((( )))

  2. What do I think? What do I think? After listening to that....again...I barely CAN think. Frightening isn't the word Kay. And frankly, I don't know how Katie DIDN'T run screaming from the interview. There are no words....ENOUGH!!

  3. Bear: I might pop by -- sounds like hoot.

    Joy: That's why I gave Katie points -- professionalism and good manners. There a couple 'hood on the other side of town where they'd say Sarah needed pimp slappin'; on my side of town we say "What the . . . !!!" (Fill in the blank with your cuss word)

  4. I have watched this a number of times and find it impossible to believe that she could one day lead this country.

    I have never been a fan of Palin. The first time I saw her on TV she reminded me of the Monster PTA Mother that every teacher fears with good reasohn. She has gone on to prove me so right every time she opens her mouth.

  5. She scares me to death!

  6. The SNL (Saturday Night Live) spoof of the interview was REALLY good. And, a first, it used the idiot Palin's actual own words.

    I'm looking forward to the Discussion with Biden.
    Biden should really OWN her ;-)

  7. Maria: I know what you're saying --saw that type in my PTA days; so sincere but her little darlings did no wrong. A barracuda with nail polish.

    Judy: I know!!!! I know!!!! This is turning into the Sara Palin video festival.

    Stu: The SNL thing was good.

    Biden's been making his own gaffes but yeah, I think she's toast. Interesting that the GOP insisted on a short answer format.

  8. I can't wait until tomorrow evening. I think it's going to be worth having popcorn and some nice wine!

    Why didn't McCain choose Katie Couric or Tina Fey for his running mate? They're better choices than the real one.

  9. I think it'll be a good laugh, Amy, if Joe does well. And yeah, I'm gonna need a drink just to listen to her. I found the funniedt video on her whenI was checking The Cafferty Files. I'll post it later.

  10. Thanks for coming by and joining in the 'sunday funnies' fun. we're going to do it each sunday til the election. gotta laugh a bit.

    love your blog. the maxine quote is one of my favorites!

    and I see we have some friends in common - I'm glad bear sent you over.

    Happy Hump Day!

  11. I guess my comment is, Palin is in way over her head and that interview should have forced her off the ticket. John McCain, when asked about the interview, said she did a good job. He's in way over his head too.

  12. I think what you did. And even more what does it say about McCain that he'd put this woman a heartbeat from the presidency if he should win? That's even more amazing.

  13. Frightening! Oh yes, and I especially loved her inability to come up with a Supreme Court Decision -- how about Brown vs The Board of Education, or Gore vs Bush!

    Heaven help us if she is ever a heart beat away from the presidency


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