Friday, September 26, 2008

The Friday Groaner!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd all but forgotten about this particular groaner until it appeared in my email from Alice of My Wintersong provides an outstanding groan. I think y'all will get an excellent groooaaannn from it!!!!1

Two priests died at the same time and met Saint Peter at the Pearly gate. St. Peter said, "I'd like to get you guys in now, but our computer is down. You'll have to go back to Earth for about a week, but you can't go back as priests. What'll it be?"

The first priest says, 'I've always wanted to be an eagle, soaring above the Rocky Mountains. "So be it," says St. Peter, and off flies the first priest to the Rockies.

The second priest mulls this over for a moment and asks, "Will any of this week 'count,' St. Peter?" St. Peter replied, "No, I told you the computer's down. There's no way we can keep track of what you're doing."

"In that case," says the second priest, "I've always wanted to be a stud." St. Peter again says, "So be it!" and the second priest disappears.

After a week passes, the computer is finally repaired and the Lord tells St. Peter to recall the two priests. "Will you have any trouble locating them?" He asks.

"The first one should be easy," said St. Peter, "He's somewhere over the Rockies, flying with the eagles. Finding the second one could prove to be more difficult."

"Why?? asked the Lord.

(Are you ready for this????????????)

"He's on a snow tire, somewhere in Newfoundland . . ."


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. That's not how I thought it would end.
    Still groannnnnnnnnnn!

    Bear((( )))

  2. Doesn't work here in Yurp, sadly, where we call them Spikes :-(

    But there's a version here wherein the second priest says he wants to star in a porn movie, and ends up in a Bobby Fischer chess movie...

    (Porn = pawn, OK?)

  3. You know why I send my jokes to you? 'Cause once I've read them, they're gone from short-term memory. Then I come here and get to enjoy them all over again!

  4. LOL Alice!!!!! There ya go! You keep sending 'em and I'll keep posting them! Deal?

    Stu: bad groannnnn

    Bear: A nice surprise, huh? The way we tell it here, he winds up on a snow tire in Pittsburgh!


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