Saturday, August 09, 2008

Random Thoughts for a Working Saturday

It's Saturday and I'm moving in diplomatic circles -- sorta. The Mexican Consul is in town. We've spent the last month getting everyone's documents organized to help our clients renew passports, visas, etc. The nice part is that they are so grateful -- it makes all the work worthwhile. The down side is that is that it's a very long day. Here are some of the thoughts that have been rolling around my loosely-connected brain all week.

* I'm sure y'all have seen Paris Hilton's campaign ad. I like her energy policy. Some wag described her as "Cindy McCain in a biker bikini. Somehow, I think some of the biker types I've known would take issue with that.

* I'll be interested to see how and what Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty will do in Minneapolis. Yes, in spite of the media ignoring him he is still promoting liberty and common sense which is more than I can say for others I could mention. This issue of his Texas Straight Talk newsletter said a lot that I like. I think y'all have guessed that I'n disillusioned with the same ya-da, ya-da, ya-da from the mainstream. And yeah, I still wanna vote "NO!" for president.

* Ron Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto made the bestseller's list and now former Independent governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, has come out with Don't Start the Revolution Without Me. I get a kick out of Jesse even if he is a nut -- he has chutzpah --and according to a friend in Minnesota, they've had worse governors up there. It's on my reading list which will probably put me on someone else's list as if my interest in Ron Paul's ideas haven't already made me suspect. If I disappear, somebody start a campaign to find me.

* Marty of Traveling Oma's Library is sending me a book on fashion! Is it a subtle hint? Noooooo!!!!!!!! She's been having book giveaways at her blog and I won!!!! Stop by and see what she's giving away next! To borrow a line from Ed McMahon: "You, too, could be a winner!!!!"

* Technorati ratings seem to be on a lot of minds of late. I have been registered there almost since I started blogging and never really have worried too much about it -- I just popped the widget in my sidebar and forgot about it after adding most of my blogroll to my favorites. Since it seems to be important to others, I am a good little visitor -- I dutifully click on their widget and add them to my Technorati favorites but judging from my current rating, hardly anyone reciprocates. Not complaining -- just observing. I've watched my numbers grow from just Millie, MaryAnn and Joy commenting to good words from dozens of new friends which is more fun than numbers anyway.

* From my funny-what-happens-when-you're-not-paying-attention department: The other day I noticed that I've had 10,000 visitors since starting this blog over two years ago. I am astounded. And I'm grateful to y'all who keep coming back and commenting!!!!! Thank you from the bottom if my heart!!! May a gracious God bless you and keep you!!!!

* If you enjoyed Thursday's post on my favorite mysteries, there are more
here. I love sharing what I read and am delighted to see what y'all like to read, too.

* This has been a less than stellar week with far too much happening -- most of it not very good -- and it isn't over! And yeah, I've been having panic attacks again. Good thing I'm off for a few days after El Consulado tomorrow and I'm seriously considering a week off over Labor Day.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I go through many changes in my blogging methods. I think that is because I'm a Gemini and every day I am someone else:-)

  2. I'm surprised you didn't comment on John Edwards. I'll be so glad when this election is over.

  3. I think some of my biker friends would take issue with that comment too! Nice to visit here...

  4. Yeah, Paris hardly has a biker image....if that was a biker swim suit (which, I have never heard of...I thought we just get nekkid and swim).

    Glad to hear Ron Paul is still milling about the White house lawn...I'm no fan of anyone popular right now really.

    Psst, I Techno'd you. I didn't see it before. ;) Cheers!

  5. I’m so disenchanted with the political candidates that Paris is starting to look good. As for Technorati, I just don’t understand how it works. I have discovered that if your blog name is mentioned in another blog or listing and is not exactly as you have registered it, you don’t get credit under the Authority section. I know I’m on several blog rolls under variations of mine and my blog’s name and they are not picked up. Does it matter? Not to me. I write what I want because I can. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?

  6. Well sweetie...I hope you do take some time off and just chill, crash, relax....PANIC-ATTACK-FREE!! I think you deserve that. Have a good weekend Kay.... Much love, Joy

  7. LOL Annie!!! I'm an Aries and we like to be at the forefront and run everything.

    Amy: that's another blog.

    Deana: welcome! And yeah, my biker pals would be impressed either.

    Wayne: Thanks! And I think you got it right according to the bikers I've known.

    Suzz: AMEN on the election and Technorati. You and I are too much alike!

    Joy: You are tooooo sweet!!!!!!!

  8. Get some rest!! My week has been non-stop work and I have an even busier week coming up! LOL

  9. I never joined technorati as I wasn't sure if it would work as I wanted. I figured if people found my blog from like-minded blogs where I had commented or through searching for my topics, that would work. It probably makes for less numbers though but as you said this is about communication not a popularity contest unless someone is trying to make money from it which a very few do.

  10. kay, very creative the way you have glamorized the title for "comments." hope you're getting support everywhere.

  11. Well. thanks, Naomi! 'Comments' doesn't quite cover what hapens here. Y'all give me loads of support and your remarks and observations keep me going!!!


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