Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kay's Wonderful World of Weird Words #6

Weird words abound and I really liked these that landed in my mailbox recently. Somehow they fit with my thinking these days!

* fugacious (fyoo-GAY-shuhs), adjective: Lasting a very short time.

Love can be fugacious or forever.

* philter (FIL-tur), noun: (1) A potion or charm supposed to cause the person taking it to fall in love. (2) A potion or charm believed to have magic power. (3) To enchant or bewitch with or as if with a magic potion or charm.

It could take a long time to find the the right philter if one wants it to last forever.

* nugacity (noo-GAS-i-tee), noun: triviality; futility.

I am amazed at the unadulterated nugacity of some of the allegations made by both candidates during this presidential campaign.

* atrabilious (at-ruh-BIL-yuhs), adjective: 1. Gloomy. 2. Ill-tempered.

I gave up dating because I'm tired of atrabilious old men.

Aren't these fun? And they aren't too hard to work into conversation. However, some people might look at you as if you're nuts! I know . . . I know . . . I am! LOL

Happy Blogging!!!!!




  2. You obviously love words! Have you heard of an on-line charity called FreeRice? If you guess the meaning of a word a grain of rice drops on to a plate and you can get up to hundreds of thousands very easily. Try it! You might like to try my Blog too!

  3. I love your sentences, Kay!

  4. Stu: I like words that I can use.

    RR: I love the FreeRice site and visit it daily!

    Amy: Awwwwwww thanks, my friend! I only use words for this that can be useful. I avoid technical terms.

  5. Very good, Kay! You know I love words too.

  6. Indeed you do!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm keeping 'atrabilious' handy.

    "I'm not grouchy, just a little atrabilius."

    Recently I came upon "usufructuary" which sounds a whole lot more interesting than it actually is; it's the beneficiary of a usufruct.

  8. Amen AQ!!!!! Instead of being a Cranky Old Broad, I'm gonna be the Atrabilious Old Broad!!! LOL

  9. Like this word play!


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