Friday, August 22, 2008

The Friday Groaner!!!!!

Darlene of Darlene's Hodgepodege sent this little gem along. I think it will give y'all a terrific groooaaannnnn! I added the glorious photo for a little illustration just in case y'all are like me and have never seen the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights. I'm told that it's a remarkable experience!!! Enjoy!!!!

A Texan and his girlfriend decided they wanted to see the Northern lights so they drove to the southernmost border of Canada. They parked their car in a field and waited for the lights to start. Soon, the sky lit up with the amazing northern lights.

The man got out of the car to get a better look. He was so excited by the lights that he was jumping up and down in sheer wonder.

His girlfriend just sat in the car reading a magazine. He was simply astonished that she could do that amid such wonder. He asked her, "What's the matter?"

Get ready . . .

"Does the aurora bore ya, Alice?"


Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. GROANNNN ...! That was pretty funny. I love the picture!

  2. The groaner was, well a groaner -- but the picture was a great added touch.

  3. OW OW OW!!!!
    Now that one hurt.
    I have never see the Aurora Borealis even though I live in Canada. (Too far south I guess.)
    Seeing them is at the top of my to-do list.

    Bear((( )))

  4. Thanks for the plug and for adding a beautiful picture to the groaner. I do love the photo.

  5. well, the photo is so beautiful that it cries out for more respect. but the groaner is pretty silly, so that's okay.

  6. one has to wonder what kind of mind lays awake at nights thinking these jokes up---kinda spooky---but ooooh yeahhh am glad they do.

  7. well, woddya expect from texas??


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