Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Thoughts as the Madness Begins

It's Saturday and I'm working allllllllllll day so I'm just going to share a few things with y'all. It's supposed to be a lovely day which is always a good thing.

* The Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival (aka The Annual Craziness) kicked off yesterday with the Hot Air Balloon and Food Festival. It's a fun event and the plan is that I join my homies out there after work tomorrow. I'm also invited to a wedding reception -- our summer intern is getting hitched tomorrow -- and a "fiesta" at the home of a grateful client who has good reason to celebrate. I'll probably pay my respects at both before I catch up with the gang. It's hell to be popular!!! LOL Maybe someday I'll find out what it's like! I wish I'd taken the week off 'cause it's only going to get worse but I really couldn't as the office is so busy.

* I want to clarify some things on the
How I Got to Be Me blog. I had originally planned to make it a private blog with restrictions on comments but I had difficulties with the settings (we all know I'm not a techie, don't we?) so it is an unlisted blog which will, hopefully, keep spam at bay and y'all are free to comment with no worries about membership for now. I have moved all of the pertinent posts there and subsequent posts on that theme will appear there. I hope y'all will stop by and check it out. I also hope to have another post in the coming week but we'll see how buried I am. Sigh.

* From my Blog Annoyances department: Don't you love the folks who leave comments offering a quote on insurance or want to sell you something? I reject such comments -- how 'bout y'all? My blog is not an advertising vehicle and never will be. Yeah, I always need money but with the horror stories I've heard about AdSense, I think I'll pass.

* Speaking of the Festival, I have to get my place ready -- the troops will be invading on Saturday for the Parade Brunch and Lunch here. It was suggested that we have a pajama party the night before in so everyone could get good parking spaces addition to a party and I gave an emphatic negative! LOL Those days are gone -- I need sleep!

* I'm not volunteering this year. My friend who usually commands my presence retired from her annual duties. I'll miss it a little but I'm tired, too.

* Have you seen this video? It was put together by a organization that supports the Democratic party so it's biased but I think it gives an idea of the contempt in which our so-called leaders hold us ordinary mortals. When I find one from that shows equal contempt from the other side, I'll post that. I know there's one out there -- I just haven't time to look for it yet! I'm an Equal Opportunity kind of gal! And yeah, I'm still voting NO! for president.

Feel Better?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. It sounds like you are going to have a very busy weekend.
    Thank you for your get well wishes, they are appreciated.
    My answers to the Meme are now posted on my blog.

    Bear((( )))

  2. My, you make me feel so lazy. You are so active and then I have the audacity to complain that my blog is taking so much of my time.

    I don't have anything but time so I am on a major guilt trip. ;(

    Take a few minutes out to smell the roses, Kay.

  3. parties that involved having difficulty finding close by parking---We never called them Pajama Parties---(heh, heh, heh). Just reading about all your activity has me exhausted.

    Gary (aka Old Dude)

  4. You have an evil mind, Gary! Our gang is a mixed bag some married; some single; mostly over 55 and we've all known each other far too long for an "overnight" to be anything but an all night talkathon/laughathon.


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