Friday, May 23, 2008

Quick Note

Thanks to all y'all who made such lovely comments on my latest "How I Got to Be Me" post. I hope to be more assiduous in posting more. Life is what happens when you're busy doing other things and I'm a very busy gal of late. Fortunately, it's all pretty good stuff. :-)

The Kay made it to Motown just fine although it took longer than I planned. I forgot something important. We have two seasons in Ohio: winter and road work and the latter is in full swing on the Turnpike and Interstates. Sigh.

I was proud of Miss Ruby. After paying a horrendous $3.95 a gallon for gas, she was duly frugal and only used a half tank for the trip north -- over 30 miles to the gallon. I do love my little red car.

I am typing this on The Man's itty bitty cute lil' Eee PC 701.

It is the first of the new, smaller notebook computers aka UMPC. It only weighs two pounds and runs Linux which is wonderfully easy to use and lacks all the bug-ridden crapola that doesn't work foisted on us by Bill Gates. (Can you tell I'm not happy with Vista?) It comes complete with every kind of software one needs. Even better, viruses can't invade it. Best of all is that Linux is free!

There several other companies coming out soon with slightly larger versions and they, like this one, will sell for $500 or less. I've been wanting a laptop for a while but looked askance at the prices and how cumbersome most of them are. I will be looking at these cute little machines and may give one a home.

Here's wishing all y'all a great holiday weekend!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. I need your car! Mine only gets 18.8 in town and not much more on the road.

  2. I've only read about the Eee PC but haven't seen one. When you grab one of those or a competitive model, give us a thorough review of it... It's for a good cause, you know... 'cause I asked... heh...

    This new breed is likely to be the pathway to what everyone will use in the future.

  3. kay, leave it to you to seek out another challenge, this time the little laptop. thought it sounded like the "one laptop per child" model that a couple of people i know have connected to.

    your latest bio this time impressed me with your willingness to reach out to others. the recent TGB survey made me sad about the low level of voluntary activity among elderbloggers, so especially grateful to your model for us.

    have a good holiday. yours, naomi

  4. Happy to hear that your trip to Motown went fine (and frugal.)

    I think I need that little computer also.

  5. Yea! Have fun in Motown.



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