Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Snowy Saturday Thoughts

We are close to a record here for snow in February according to the weather guy! I believe it -- I don't even want to think about how much cash I paid Isaac this winter for shoveling my sidewalks. He kept telling me I didn't have to pay him but I appreciate his help so much, I'd feel guilty if I didn't. More than one morning when I left for work, my car was brushed off and I don't think elves did it!!!! Gotta love that young man!

* I think I've lost too much weight lately. Isaac's mom keeps bringing me supper. I haven't been on a diet; I'm just not hungry. And no, I'm not throwing my too-baggy jeans out. I'll need them when I grow back into them.

* Tonight is I'm going to the Symphony -- a 19-year old Chinese pianist will be our guest artist. I'm truly looking forward to it. I'll be sad when the season is over -- I've really enjoyed it. I hope I can manage it again next season.

* Thanks again to all y'all who have come by to comment or have linked to "How I Got to Be Me" There will be more next week!

* Groaners are needed for The Friday Groaner. Don't I sound like a broken record? There's a way to make me stop and I think you all know how to do that.

* Check out this interesting political quiz. According to it, I'm a Mike Gravel or Ron Paul kind of gal.

* Speaking of politics, y'all know (and some decry) that I refuse to pledge allegiance to neither Republicans nor the Democrats. I vote my conscience and not by party affiliation which I happen to think is the best way. I contend that there are nuts on both sides of the aisle. Today I had a mental hotfoot. I had received an email from a friend that had link to and decided I wanted to learn more. In order to explore the site I had to subscribe to their newletter. No problem, right? Just another way to keep up on the campaign, right? Type in your email and go, right? Wrong! They require your personal data and that annoys me. My take is that it violates my right to privacy. I wrote an email to them and told them so. And then it nagged at me that perhaps I wasn't being the fair gal that I am so I went over to to see what they required to get a newsletter. All they asked was my email and zip code. Simple. I wasn't asking for state secrets, I just wanted newsletters so I can make a fair, informed decision and cut through all the you-know-what. Both sites are going to be biased as is the media -- I expect that. I have a lot of reading to do before the Ohio primary on Tuesday and I guess I'll have to get my info on the Republicans elsewhere. Oh well.

As I said, in the coming week, there will be another segment of How I Got to Be Me long about Wednesday, a pretty great Groaner of the Week and probably some thoughts on the primary and whatever else crosses my alleged mind or comes in of interest over the transom.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hi Kay
    Lots of snow here in the Nort too.I tell the young folks that its just an old fashion winter like I remember when I was a kid circa 55 BC Is it the Cincinnati Pops concerts that you go to?


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