Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jessie Davis Case: Sentencing Begins

The first day of the sentencing hearing in the murder of Jessie Davis began today. It will take at least another day until sentencing will take place. The defense team for Bobby Cutts Jr. has a list of sixteen people who will give testimony on his behalf. Judge Charles E. Brown sent the jury home at the end of today's session and told them to come back with their luggage so they will be sequestered again for the deliberation of his sentence.

On the stand today were his parents, his partner on the police force, his ex-wife and others including a psychologist. The last witness of the day was Cutts himself.

He took the stand with prepared notes and tearfully apologized to his family, Myisha Ferrell, the Davis family, his ex-wife, his children and his friends for being untruthful. He again mentioned panicking when Davis died. He ended his testimony, sobbing, by entreating the jury to spare his life.

Tomorrow, the remaining witnesses will testify and after closing statements and the jury will begin to consider his sentence and make the recommendation. Cutts could face the death sentence.

I'm not betting he'll get the death sentence. This county isn't known for imposing it. The thing that still bothers me is that he's never said why he waited nine days to tell law enforcement officials where Jessie's body was buried. I don't envy the jurors -- deciding whether someone lives or dies isn't something I'd want to have to do. If you're interested, you can read more about it here.

I'll be back with the sentence when Judge Brown delivers it.

Kay Dennison

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  1. Sounds like this case has really impacted you in ways we don't know. It really is horrendously tragic. Am sure the living friends, acquaintances and relatives must feel as though they're living a nightmare.

    Any time an event of this type impacts our community I think we all reel from its effects even if we don't know the people -- just the fact such a thing could happen seems hard to believe.


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