Friday, January 04, 2008

Blah Rainy Saturday Random Thoughts

It's Saturday, it's grey and rainy, I am tired and nauseous, and I am definitely in Cranky Old Broad mode but I'm going to try to be reasonably pleasant. Please bear with me if I'm not.

* The Iowa Caucuses are over and I have mixed feelings about it. I was impressed by the way Obama handled himself and I was glad to see Hillary and her megabucks war chest get passed by and appalled to see Mike Huckabee get the nod from Iowa's Republicans. I know a lot of "one issue" voters who would vote for Attila the Hun or Hitler if either said he was a Christian. We've had a so-called Christian in the White House the past eight years -- need I say more? All in all, I think the outcome sent a strong message that we the people are shouting for change from both parties.

* I am also annoyed with Fox for dropping candidates from the Sunday debate based on the Caucuses' outcome. As Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over until it's over." and those who aren't giving up their campaign should be permitted to participate. Just my take. I haven't decided who I'm supporting in November and want to hear everyone's viewpoint.

* A friend came by with a belated albeit timely Christmas gift. She brought her Tarot cards and did a forecast for 2008. Now I'm not a True Believer in this but I do find it interesting and have learned to read the cards. I can't read myself because I'm far too close to the subject. She did a pretty good read and I found most of it worthy of thought as there weren't too many surprises. Anyway, some of the highlights are:

  • It seems that peace and abundance are possible if I keep working at it. :-)

  • Someone/something from my past will be returning and it will be to my benefit but I have to be patient.

  • Old feelings have been dragging me down lately. (Duh?)

  • Tact, diplomacy, and an open mind will help me through the above.

  • I will be receiving acknowledgement in my field soon. (Heck! I don't know what my field is!)
  • I need help in getting rid of baggage that's crippling me. (I'm thinking hard on this one.)

  • I'm to be patient in making decisions and wait until I have all the facts.

  • A lifelong revelation is about to emerge and I should immerse myself in it.
The only prediction that scared me was the second one. There are some people from my past for whom I would have to quickly acquire the patience of Job to ever tolerate again.

* I visited Steph over at Incurable Insomniac and noticed a tiny pale blue ribbon icon. I clicked on it and it took me to a terrific website about thyroid awareness. As a sufferer of hyperthyroidism, I was delighted. I learned all sorts of things my endocrinologist has never told me about it -- like why I'm tired all the time, etc. It also explained the radioactive iodine treatment I'll be having in the next few months which he didn't really explain either. (This is what happens when one is poor and at the mercy of whatever is available for health care.) If any of y'all are suffering from thyroid disease, check it out. I wanted to add the icon Steph has to my sidebar but since I haven't a clue about html, the ribbon came out looking weird and I don't know how to code it so one could just click on it I put the link below the ribbon. I meant well and if anyone can help me with it, I would great appreciate it. Sigh

* Another Christmas gift I am enjoying is my new desk calendar which features "365 of the Stupidest Things Ever Said." Each day a quote from the famous, no so famous and infamous. New Year's Day the quote was from former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld: "I would not say that the future is necessarily less predictable than the past. I think the past was not predictable when it started." And we wonder our why government is a mess . . .

* Is anyone having "Saving Grace" withdrawal symptoms besides me? I'm not a huge TV watcher, but I miss my weekly dose of Holly Hunter and the excellent cast. And I still want Earl as my angel.

* Ronni over at Time Goes By had a link to an excellent piece by Paul Craig Roberts about S.1959/HR.1955. I try not to be a copycat but this bears repeating across the blogosphere as this legislation tears at the very foundations on which our country was built. Read it and weep. I'm just glad the media is waking up, however slowly, to this travesty against our Constitution and the citizenry of this country.

* The Cleveland Browns didn't make the playoffs. We in NE Ohio are used to being disappointed but we had a great season and there's always next year!!!!! Hats off to Romeo and the team for a great season and we'll be there for you next fall!

* Buckeye Fever is in full swing as the BCS National Championship approaches Monday. I think y'all know that I'll be planted in front of the tube in my Ohio State sweatshirt to cheer them on! Tomorrow I'll be here with some Ohio State trivia and a final holiday groaner as Ann over at One Wild and Precious Life reminded me that Christmas really isn't over until January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany .

I hope y'all are off to a good start on 2008 and haven't broken your resolutions yet! I'm going back to bed, pull the covers over my head and pray that I feel better soon.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Just thought I'd say hi and I hope you feel better, soon.

  2. going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head appeals to me most days. i have one more day of christmas break, and then it's back to the salt mine. shudder.

    be a good girl...feel lots better


  3. I hope you feel better too, Kay. If that 2nd one proves to be true, remember that it IS to be to your benefit.

    I thought of you tonight when I watched "We are Marshall" on TV, since you are such a football fan. I saw the first hour and the last hour of the debates....blech.

  4. I thought Obama gave a fabulous speech. I was disappointed in the Huckabee win. I am not a fan of Hillary at all, although I voted for Bill both times. I am continually amazed at their political savvy, however. The manufactured party celebrating her "3rd place win" and the spin she put on it all reminded me that they are masters at the game.


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