Sunday, December 02, 2007

Something for Us Good Old Gals

If you will direct your attention to the side bar, please note that there is a new badge there for elderwomanspace! It is the brainchild of author Marian Van Eyk McCain who, I'm sure y'all might recall, is a friend of our friend and fearless leader of the Elderbloggers, Ronni Bennett, and I was delighted to receive an invitation from Marian herself.

It's an interesting site where we "women of a certain age" can hang out and exchange ideas and share our thoughts on Life, the Universe and Everything. Marian describes it as "a special place where women in -- or entering -- the 'crone' phase of their lives." Sound interesting? If you're interested and a woman of a certain age with an interest in communicating with some wonderfully intelligent and gifted women, let me know. Membership is by invitation only. I already sent invitations to those of y'all whose email addys I have.

I truly think you'll enjoy the wide range of interest and experience the women who are already members bring to the table and you'll see some familiar faces like Terri from Writing Away on Cedar Key, Joy of Joy of Six and Rain of Rainy Day Thoughts.

Come play with us!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the invitation, Kay. I don't have the badge, but I might get one (if I can figure out how to get it on the blog...LOL)

  2. MotherPie5:41 PM

    That looks like a nice thing to check out. Also liked your earlier post about your children, but couldn't post due to the changes in the Blogger comments, but figured them out.

    This comment is from a nonBlogger, with a link only back to my site via my inserting it in this place by handwriting the coding to give a link back MotherPie which is a real hassle and involves a lot of cut/paste.

    Blogging has stimulated conversation among virtual/real friends but Blogger, by altering the commenting structure, has limited comments only to Google's bloggers using the Blogger platform. Crummy move, Google/Blogger. See my post on this: Blogger Comment Changes Stink. Period. Use Haloscan for commenting - the link is in my post comments.

  3. same as above10:25 AM

    Kay, I can comment, but you can't click my name to come back to my site. Yes, some Google/Bloggers don't allow commenting from non-Google/Bloggers at all. I think that must be the default setting. But when you've set your setting to allow non-Google/BloggerBloggers to comment, Google/Blogger has now changed it so that I don't have to enter my url or my email so that if I comment, like I'm doing here, how would you ever know how to get back to me or my site?
    That is how they have changed it. I used to put my name and url; at my site you put your url AND your email (which isn't published, but I can come back to you via your name linking to your site, or use your email for private contact). Here, I check either "nickname" or "anonymous" and in either case you can't loop back to me by clicking on my name. Not that you have to go change or anything. But for me, it is just sad to see that Google/Blogger is shutting doors to conversations. I kind of went on and on about it in my post today... 12/3

  4. Thanks really looks like a friendly place. I can't figure out how to get the badge on my site Judy. I've seen some familiar faces over there already. Take care...

  5. lol Joy and Judy!!!!! Here we go again!!!!! I like the ladies there -- they are bright, witty, articulate and gifted!!! It's a great community!!! I'm inviting all the bright ladies I know!

  6. Kay,

    I would love an invitation to elderwomanspace. I am a 62-year-old mother of four, grandmother of 1.


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