Saturday, December 01, 2007

Family and Politics

This morning I called my son. It's his birthday today. It's hard to believe that he's thirty-three already. It seems like just yesterday that I was that he was still my little boy. I teased him that he's getting old and I'm not. He was not amused. Our relationship has been a bit strained since the divorce (gross understatement) and we had a pretty good conversation for a change. Maybe he's mellowing.

He let my darling Drake and Connor talk to me. Drake is five now and is quite the delightful little conversationalist -- just like his daddy was at that age. He told me all about how he loves kindergarten. Connor is three and he thought he was talking to Grandma Carol instead of Grandma Kay until I explained. He is quieter than Drake and never has much to say. They remind me of my son and daughter who look like my ex's family with my coloring. Drake looks and sounds exactly like his daddy -- we joke that he's daddy's clone. Connor looks like my Kate and, like her, is his own little person. I told Eric his work is cut out for him!

My children grew up in a home where politics were discussed openly and freely. They knew that their dad and I never failed to vote and we stressed its importance. They also knew that we weren't afraid to stand up and be counted on issues. I remember having interesting, intelligent conversations on politics and government as they explored their beliefs in high school. Their dad and I are mostly independent -- we don't believe that either party has all the right answers. My son is pretty much a die hard Democrat and my daughter calls herself a Republican but not a conservative but both are interested in what our government is doing.

We talked a bit about the upcoming presidential election -- both of us are unhappy with most of those running -- and I mentioned the Thought Crimes bill. Not surprisingly, he hadn't heard about it given that the media is ignoring it and I told him about it and the Senate Bill number
(S.1959) and asked him if he remembered the book 1984. He answered, "Of course -- you know I read it and I still have a copy of it." I told him that Orwell just had the year wrong. He said, "Oh hell, Mom, the House will never pass that!" When I told him that they already had -- resoundingly, he grew quiet but I think he'll be checking it out and will as appalled as I am. I'll be interested to see what he says.

I asked him to email me a list of some things the boys are wishing for from Santa so granny can choose well and I'm going to send him some links on the bill. I'll be interested in seeing what he thinks.

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  1. Glad that you could have some good talks with your adult children and the little ones. Nice when political issues can be discussed and views expressed -- especially with this bill about which we're all concerned.

    Know what you mean about how hard it is to believe the ages of our "children" when not so long ago they were just babes. Where do the years go?

  2. kay, really impressed by this post. could i be so forthright about my complex relationships with my grown children? i don't think so, yet your willingness to struggle with that--and with them--is important to this reader.

    by the way, i used your link to look at the members of the senate committee for this bill. ugh, not a pretty picture.

    kudos again for your courage and support to all of us.

    yours, naomi


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