Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kay's World Is Changing

Things are changing in the Wonderful World of Kay!!!!! I am smiling. I am reasonably happy. Hopefully, things are settling a bit. I still have a lot to do and keep me busy but it's a good kind of busy. Here are a few reasons why:

1) My horrendous neighbors upstairs are now officially OUT! Emily and I went up and looked at the aftermath Tuesday and they were filthy as well as noisy. Em wanted to see it because we determined that her moving upstairs would be a win-win idea. When she looked in the bathroom, she commented that there was a roach in the bathroom sink. Horrified, I asked, "A cockroach? Oh my God!" She laughed like crazy and said, "No. The other kind of roach. Didn't you learn anything in the '6os?" I just shook my head and sighed. Y'all can tell how I didn't spend that era. She liked the place and saw past the crap and is going to try to work things so she can move. I hope it works out as I'll feel a lot safer.

2) My new bed (above) was delivered this week and I've been sleeping very well and the lovely brass headboard really makes my bedroom look nice -- at least I think so! My former neighbor, good buddy and decorator, Richard, brought me the beautiful bedspread and pillow shams. He works for a leading department store and shares his bargains with me now and again. We're both inveterate bargain hunters and I do the same for him. We have a day long jaunt planned to explore new shops we've found in the coming week.

3) Thursday morning at the office was quiet so I glanced at the auto ads in the newspaper and found one rather interesting for a change. I sort of blew it off as too good to be true but remembered that I pride myself on being a "no guts, no glory" kind of gal and called the phone number listed. In doing so I met a very nice gentleman who hates to waste time and believes in getting things done. He came right over to my office with and I took it for a spin and by the end of the day I became the proud owner of a bright red Pontiac Sunfire with only 70,000 original miles in excellent condition at a great price. My insurance didn't kick in until Friday when my agent received my check so I didn't take delivery until then when John delivered it to my office but that was okay by me. That I'm going to have wheels again is a good thing. I haven't driven much over the past few years so I am rather nervous about driving and plotted my route home carefully. I made it home safely and parked it out front. I found myself walking out to my front porch and admiring it every now and then. When I was married, I'd had a red Sunfire as a rental car and liked it so well I didn't want to give it back so this is, hopefully, a happy purchase. I usually name my cars but I haven't decided what I'd like to name this one yet. Suggestions are welcome! They teased me at work that I'd be running all over town this weekend but I don't think so. I still plan to take the bus a lot as I'm not into supporting the oil cartel. My car is is for day trips, transporting large items and things I need to go to that end after the buses stop running. It means I no longer have to beg friends to take me places I can't reach on the bus. It means more freedom than I've had in a long time and I intend to be very careful with it. And here it is!!!!

5) I'm going to have a real vacation soon -- the first I've had in too many years! I'm not quite sure where I'm going but I'm pretty it will involve white sand, blue water and an umbrella drink. It will be a fact-finding mission as well. I've been asking myself if I really want to stay in Ohio.

Lots more good stuff is coming soon and I'm excited and wanted to share what's going on with y'all!!!! Hope y'all are having great day!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Two words: road trip.

  2. It's nice to hear you sounding cheerful! I like your bed and your shiny car!

  3. Chaz: Good idea! I think I'm going to Amish country next weekend.

    Annie: lol not bad but I'm thinking of something off the wall. My daughter lil' red Omni was named Sammy as in Sammy the Red Rocket Hagar od rock fame. My daughter inherited the tradition I guess/

    Judy: Thanks! Getting a good night's sleep does wonders for a gal's soul and her mood. I am as delighted with my lil' old Sunfire as if I'd won a Rolls Royce!

  4. It's great to hear things are looking up Kay. You have a lot to be excited about sweetie. Love your bed...and your little red bug....adorable. Cheers to more good things Kay....

  5. Great thing about the neighbours! I don't know what a roach is, except for the bug kind, but I'll look it up. You know I love new words.
    And good luck on your new car.
    Happy driving ;)

  6. I've been involved in a few of those fact-finding missions myself! Looking for greener pastures...

  7. This was such an upbeat post, Kay. And I love your new bed (and the bookshelves behind) and your new car. You done good!

    As for scouting, California is way too expensive, but if you want to scout sometime in this area, you are welcome to stay here for a few days in Redondo Beach. Florida is so depressed in the real estate area, so there are great bargains to be had there right now, I hear. What places are you thinking of?

    At Sacred Ordinary today I issue a challenge for falling in love -- again--with where you do live. Do you want to play?

  8. Wonderful news Kay..I love reading how nice things can happen to people who deserve it. You deserve the good things in life.
    I love the bed, it looks so warm and inviting and comfy. And that Sunfire spells vacation, fun and friends.
    Let us know what you decide and where you go.
    Hope you're on a roll.......have a great week.

  9. Wow. It's great to see all the nice things happening in your life. Best wishes.

  10. It was great to read about all the good things that are happening in your life.

    Loved the brass headboard, nice comforter and bookshelves

    And that red car looks very spiffy, enjoy!!

    And wherever you vacation have a great time.

    And losing that upstairs neighbor, that's the greatest!!!!

  11. Hurray, Hurray, it's finally going your way!

  12. Ohhh Kay! I love the look of your bedroom and I'm so envious of the book cases and love that beautiful bed and you have such a pretty red car to boot.

    Ummm can you tell I'm behind blog reading?


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