Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving Gone Wild!!!!!!

Halloween is approaching and it's time to think about carving pumpkins for decoration. Here are a few interesting (read: bizarre) ideas y'all might want to try at home! They gave me a whole big bunch of laughs!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy them!

This one looks pretty evil!

How about an underwater pumpkin?


I think the sign here says it all!

Witchy Pumpkin!

Whoever came up with these had an amazing imagination and sense of humor!!!!!!

If you have any better ideas -- send them along!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Love 'em all. I got some of those in an email several years ago and posted a few of them on my old blog. The witch is great and the big mac is too.

  2. They've been around that long?

    I thought all of them pretty cool in their weird individual way.

  3. These were a hoot! Talk about being creative, huh?
    And here I thought they were only used for pies.

  4. LOL, LOL...Oh Kay...These are utterly delightful! So clever and wry....and 'out there'...I LOVER THEM..! Thanks for the Halloween Cheer...I need to see if I could carve one of these....!

  5. Great post, Kay. My boys will be trick-or-treating before you know it!

  6. The McPumpkin and the last one were my favorites. I have to give them a hand for creativity. Wow!

  7. Very creative! Love the witch pumbkin

  8. This is so funny, Kay! The "couple" gives me ideas, but I'd probably get kicked out of my neighborhood. You have a nice blog here!


  9. funnie!!

    p.s. I have a real life video posted today.. come see! :)

  10. I should have given credit and thanks to my friend and fellow activist Diane for sending them along! Glad y'all like them.

    Shelby: I'll be right over!

  11. So, which will adorn your front porch?

  12. I liked the McPumbkin, looked good enough to eat AND that last one takes the cake!!!

    I have more to say about the last one but it's not fit to publish on the internet. ;-)

    Had my laugh for the day.


  13. Kay

    I laughed so hard I spelled Mcpumpkin wrong.

    ;-) ;-) ;-)

  14. first time here via Hootin' Annie's blog. I loved the pumpkin photos! I read thru your profile and we sound a lot like kindred spirits in many ways. Stop by and say hello if you get a chance...enjoy your week!

  15. A menopausal brain was from Granny Annie's blog I came to visit, ha! :-P

  16. These are wonderful pics. I will have to get creative for sure with 2 grandkids in the house.

  17. sure is some creativity in pumpkins


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