Friday, September 21, 2007

The Friday Groaner!!!!!

[Note: The queue for the Friday groaner is quite short. Please
send me your favorite groaners so we can keep it going.]

Today our guest is Nancy Leitz! Nancy doesn't have a blog -- yet, but she is a frequent commenter as well as a wonderful contributor to The Elder Storytelling Place. At age 80, her sense of humor remains firmly intact and, of course, she loves groaners!!!!!!!!! Here's a short one that should cause a resounding groooooaaaaaaaannnnnn to end the week!
Keep 'em coming, Nancy!!!!!!!

Wall St. has announced a new business merger:

Polygram Records,Warner Brothers and Zesta Crackers will join forces and
become . . .

Poly Warner Cracker!


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Oh no! Ouch Nancy....... Thanks Kay.

  2. Oh no! Ouch Nancy....... Thanks Kay.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh, good groaner Nancy! Have a great weekend.

  4. That was a funny one.

    If Nancy had a blog I would read it! I'll go check her out at the Story Telling place - I'd like to see what an 80 yer old has to say. ;-)

  5. I would too, Mille! She is a good writer and a very nice, funny lady!

    This is a good groaner!!

    The queue has some real winners in it so don't y'all forget to check in!

  6. I'm afraid you'll have to explain it to this poor Yurpeen :-(

  7. Nancy9:14 AM

    Hello Kay,

    Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them.

    You have made me a year older than I really am. I will not be 80 until 2008. I was born in 1928.

    I have a story coming up soon at Ronni's Story Telling Place, so hope you will all read it.

    I love reading all the blogs and commenting, but don't think I have the talent to do my own blog on a continuing basis. I really admire those who do have the creative abilities.

    Hi Stu,
    It is a send up of the expression that people think parrots say:'"POLLY WANT A CRACKER". By the way, Stu, what is a Yurpeen?

  8. I'm sorry Nancy! God knows nine of us need to be older than we are at this point! I think someone told me you were eighty and I ran with it. Mea culpa!

    I don't think I have to talent to blog either Nancy -- just do it anyway!

    Thanks for giving Stu an explanation -- we sometimes forget that those across the pond and beyond visit us, too.

    'Yurpeen' is an allegedly redneck pronunciation of 'European". Stu is an expatriate Scot who lives in Germany and is wedded to a lovely German lady. Their website is interesting.

  9. And of course I'll read your story! It's the third thing I do each morning after I log on.

  10. naomi dagen bloom10:16 AM

    good one, kay. just wish i could remember some of these to re-tell. oh well, you know what they say....

  11. I just read a bunch of your groooooaaanners and had a good laugh to start my day.

  12. Thanks, Naomi! I know all too well! I'm not as good at telling them as I used to be either!

    Thanks, Virgina! Come back each Monday and Friday and we'll be happy to give you a giggle to get through the day!

  13. @Nancy,

    Got it now, thanks :-)

    Here, we just think the Polly-titians are crackers ;-)


  14. Grannymar9:42 AM

    Kay I like the groanners.

    I tell Nancy regularly to start a blog. She has so much talent and lifetime of stories to tell.


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