Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Argh! My Face Is Seriously Red!

I feel really embarrassed. Venting like I did last night really isn't my style -- at least not publicly. I won't make excuses. Possible reasons could be the 90 degree heat or that I've been so tired or that I'm trying to adjust to the dumb meds the doc prescribed but none of them wash by my standards for myself. Therefore, y'all have my sincere apologies. I hope you'll accept them.

I do appreciate and thank you for all your suggestions and sympathy. Nice to know my friends can hang tough with this sometimes Cranky Old Broad.

I thought about it all day today and finally got a few minutes to log on here at the office to post this!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Kay! If it's as hot in Ohio as it was in Washington last week, boy, I understand all about red faces.

    I'm back from vacation and, surprisingly, it's cooler in Southern California than it was on the East Coast.

    BTW, I saw your comment the other day on my blog about perhaps your comments had been deleted. That'd be a negative (sometimes Haloscan commenting doesn't work well), and I'd sure like to have you visit once again.

    Keep up your interesting work over here!

  2. Don't apologize! We all need a place to vent and you are safe here with us....LOL

  3. Kay , Here in Atlanta it is also hot as heck and tempers can be short when a long hot summer heat spell takes over.

    I wish I knew something about computers but I am almost clueless when it comes to tech stuff.

    My daughter and son in law switched over to Comcast dsl and they have been happy with it.

    Also I do know you can choose whatever home page you want but you have to go somewhere in your computer to change it.

    Good luck.

    PS My son(who is my computer guru) was so busy and out of town recently that I had to break down and call "Geek Squad" they were ok but way to slow working on my computer problem and way too expensive.

  4. You're just keeping it real. Don't stress about it. A rant is always a fun blog to read!

  5. Venting and ranting... makes blogging more real, imo.

  6. The real you...happy, sad, venting, can't ask for more (or less) than the real deal and that's you.

  7. I was jealous that I can't have DSL of any type where we live. Your previous entry made me feel better not to have the hassle. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to read more of yours and get better acquainted with you.

  8. Besides, if your computer doesn't work, that is the MOST frustrating thing to have happen. And with ATT, don't get me started. They deserve MUCH more than what you said.
    I am sure we all agree heartedly.
    I hope it gets cooler there, and the computer gets fixed. GRRRRR
    that is so aggravating.
    I use foxfire rather than Internet Explorer.
    Go to Tools, Options, Main. It says Home Page. Copy/paste in the homepage you want, click apply, and OK And there you have it.
    good luck


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