Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Random Thoughts on a 90+ Degree Day

It's been in the 90s allllllllllllllllllllll week so forgive me if I go into Cranky Old Broad mode. I had a note from Joared who said that my thinking cap has been on overtime. I fear she maybe right. I need a vacation and it struck me that I might even be able to afford one if a couple thing go well.

* Thanks for all the kind words about the new Elderblogger badges. Ronni and I had fun with it and were pleased with the results. We hope you enjoy them. If you need help putting one on your blog, I will be happy to try to help. Just email me. There's a link for that on my profile.

* Comment from a young black man I know on the Jessie Davis case: "This is awful. You expect law enforcement officers to ascribe to a higher standard." I understand that sentiment but am old enough to know that life doesn't work that way. We humans are not predictable or consistent critters -- we are dangerous.

* I think I need to call the doc but am avoiding it.I'll spare you the gory details, but recent events have caused new stress and the medication that I only take "as needed" is being taken every day and it isn't really helping a lot. My project with the badges really helped take my mind off things so I think I need to find more thought-consuming activities. Suggestions are welcome. Sigh. Pray.

* Was anyone else turned off by the sniping between Anne Coulter who adds new meaning to the word "bitch", and John Edwards and his wife? I would have preferred to see the Edwards take the moral high road and not dignify her comments with a response. I guess I don't understand politics very well. I can't help but recall one of the funniest quotes I've ever heard. Alice Roosevelt Longworth said: "If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me." She would have loved Anne Coulter.

* So L.A.'s Mayor has been having an affair. So did Rudy Giuliani. Yawn.

* From my Recurring Themes Department: Is anyone else as tired as I am of the 2008 Presidential campaign?

* From my DUH? Department: Yeah, the 11-year-old girl driving drunk at 100 mph was horrific. What really got me was when the report I read stated, "While the legal blood-alcohol content for adults in Florida is .08, the limit for anyone younger than 21 is .02." A limit for those under 21? Isn't ANY alcohol in their system illegal for them? The article also said she was released to relatives. Another resounding DUH? Aren't these the people who weren't responsible enough to monitor her behavior and prevent this from happening? Just my take. I think this also qualifies for my Stupid Human Tricks Department. Sigh.

* Speaking of stupid, the bidding war for Paris Hilton's interview after she got out of jail defines it and that they wasted their money serves them right. Needless to say, I couldn't be bothered to waste my time on it.

* I'm swiping this video that Maya's Granny left on her blog. Prepare to laugh.

* Need a vacation? Stop by and see Terri of Writing Away on Cedar Key's latest venture. It's absolutely fabulous! I'm ready to sign on -- you will be, too!

Here's wishing all of you a great day!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ann Coulter is the lowest form of slime on the planet. I agree with you; Elizabeth ought to have kept quiet. If other "performers" can be fired for calling people fags, why not Coulter?

  2. Villaraigosa's problem is not unlike Vitter's in Louisiana in that he campaigned for mayor with his family and used his wife's teaching credential for leverage during his attempt to take over the school board. Villaraigosa was supposed to be an Hispanic role model and instead is just a negative stereotype.
    Be well, Kay! Keeping a good thought for you!


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