Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random Thoughts -- Another Week in Paradise

The Kay been thinking a lot about a lot of things and since, I couldn't think of anything else to write and didn't want to break my promise to myself to post every day, here we go again!

* While I keep reading that Chancy, Judy and a lot of my other beloved Blogging Buddies are suffering drought and doing rain dances, we here in the Heart of It All have gotten pretty well soaked and I've longed to send some of our rain to them. On Friday, my boss heard that we were in for a deluge again like we'd had a week earlier and he kindly sent me home early. The irony was that it wasn't early enough so I walked in my placed drenched to the skin again and my clothes wound up in the tub -- again! My shoes still haven't dried out. Good thing my current assignment is casual rather than professional or my signature "little black dresses" would be at the cleaners. Jeans are easier.

* Speaking of my boss, I stunned and amazed him by attacking a pain-in the-butt organizing task he trepidantly requested with gusto! Call me crazy -- and many do -- but I like stuff like that. There's something satusfying about establishing order. Now if I could just muster the courage to do it here at home!

* From my Recurring Whine Department: Are y'all as tired of the 2008 Presidential campaign as I am? I suspect that in the end, we'll be facing yet another election where I'll have to hold my nose in the booth and make a choice between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber. The trick will be in figuring out which is which. sigh

* Sports fever is at a seriously high pitch here in NE Ohio -- the Tribe is winning and the Cavaliers are in the NBA finals!!!!! Yeah, we're always sports nuts up here but the mania has reached new highs!!! It would sure be nice to see our guys bring a couple championship trophies home . . . there I go hallucinatng again.

* The storm on Friday wreaked a lot of havoc most notably it killed my cable connection. I'm not a huge TV junkie, but when my cable wasn't back on by the time I went to bed, I was annoyed and when it still wasn't on when I got up for work Saturday a.m., my blood pressure was rising. When I got home from work & a trip to the grocery and it still wasn't on, I tried to call Time Warner and was met with the recording that said, " . . . due to inclement weather, we are experiencing outtages and technicians have been dispatched . . . yada, yada, yada . . . " I stayed on the line for Repair and took the option that they would call me back. They never did. Later, I went to their website and emailed them and supposedly they would have a CSR call back. They never did. I was cussin'! FINALLY, I called at midnight and after a pretty lengthy wait, I got to talk to a REAL PERSON! She was good, too. She explained the vastness of the outtages and determined that a tech should be sent to my home. She went on to tell me that they were scheduling for Wednesday but she would do her best to get them out earlier. And she did! They are coming tomorrow (Monday) afternoon and, hopefully, I can see the 6 o'clock News. I still resent the crap I went through to get to talk to someone but this young lady was so professional and courteous, I feel better but I still will miss the Cavs tonight! sigh Oh well, my radio still works but it isn't the same as watching Z, LeBron and Eric do their stuff.

* On the news about the latest Hilton mess: No pun intended (HA!) but . . . I fear (with apologies to Bogart) that . . . we'll always have Paris. And no, I'm not going to take that back! Groan if you must! Dave Barry likes puns, too, and his blog entry on June 8th on the Liberation of Paris was great.

The sun is shining in Ohio today and it isn't God awful hot so I'm off on my Sunday constitutional for the Sunday paper and a nice walk through the 'hood. I might even drag myself down to Taggart's for some ice cream -- they've been making it since 1925 and they do have the recipe down pat. YUM! Oh and there's a kickoff for the art project our neighborhood association is sponsoring for the kids. Good stuff!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Kay, I always enjoy wreaking organization on someone else's files and home - I can't get motivated to do it here, however!

    In the election: we've already had Tweedledumb and I sure hope we don't get someone dumber for the next time!

  2. Glad I'm not alone, Judy!

    In my not so humble opinion, every election since I was old enough to vote it's been for me a choice between Tweedledumb & Tweedle dumber. sigh

  3. I agree, organizing is liberating! (last week I cleaned out the cabinet where we had been tossing plastic containers and discovered things I forgot I owned!)

    The election is just WAY to much already, and IMHO we have little choice....the best man for the job isn't even running....{sigh} it over yet!?

  4. Kay ...Good post for someone who thought she did not have anything to write about.

    I think I have hit a time of "drought" in more ways than one. Weather wise and also thinking up blog topics.

    Maybe when it finally rains here in Atlanta more than a few drops it will give my dry brain a good soaking too.

  5. It was fun to see your portrait. I did that once, too, but didn't think it even came close to how I perceive myself.

    Love that frog--and I, too, have the blogging blahs.


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