Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rambling through the Blogosphere

Today I got up, looked around my place & all the wannabe chores around me, & said, "To hell with ya -- I'm going to write & blog my little heart out allllllllll day long!"

I began by visiting Ronni at Time Goes By & was reminded that darling Millie Garfield is now 81!!! Nothing to do but visit her blog & wish her a happy day -- right? Her blog is an absolute delight & I urge you to visit it -- the tales of the Blogher conference were great! This, in turn, reminded me that I hadn't added her awesome blog (My Mom's Blog) over there >>>>>> >> so of course I had to add a few others I'd neglected as well & visit them.

Now I have my links list edited but I still haven't figured out how to make it look neater. I entered each site in the prescribed manner but it doesn't come out as it should so until I get some good advice (hint! hint!), I'll just tell you about my new additions. I still haven't figured out how to do that hyperlink thingy when I type. Can you say the Kay is a Technical Moron? I thought you could! LOL

Claude who is Blogging in Paris takes beautiful pictures & tells of her travels. I forgot to add her other blog: Claude's Daily Snap so look for it in a few minutes! She is a bright, witty, gifted lady!

Playitsam writes about important issues in addition to presenting film & book reviews at Coffee & Chocolate -- we share a host of interests from Bogart to jazz to literature. We may be twins separated at birth!

And I'm really embarassed at not adding this sooner. My only excuse is that I thought I had! My dear friend Joy of Six writes of her childhood, her life today & her meanderings around the Net as well as beautiful poetry. I treasure her for the kind, thoughtful, delightful & talented lady that she is!

Jan at happening-here? blogs from San Francisco -- one of my favorite places on the planet -- & takes beautiful (sometimes heart-breakingly so) pictures while exploring the world & providing commentary on politics and the world. Her current posts on her trip to the Middle East are simply incredible. Check out her picture on her profile -- it shows her wonderful sense of humor!

Just Ask Judy as she shares her life's adventure & whatever else strikes her fancy on her fun & interesting blog. She is witty & fun.

I hope y'all go & wish Millie a Happy Birthday -- & many more -- & visit some or all of my friends. Take care and .............

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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