Wednesday, May 09, 2012

More Good Stuff & Update

I'm so glad y'all enjoyed the last batch of goodies from my email. I'm still pretty buried with assorted nonsense and have been trying to keep up with y'all while keeping up with the dramas of Kay's World. The latter has been an adventure. I'm trying mightily to keep up with that, too, and have been in Cranky Old Broad mode -- on steroids! And thanks for your support in my struggle to maintain a semblance of passes for sanity in my world!!

Last night I took myself to the movies in my quest to stay sane through a tough mission -- more about that later but not today. We have a multi-plex cinema here and it only cost $1.75. What astound me was that the price of admission was less than the large coffee I bought ($2.50) and was reminded that Starbuck's is overrated. I saw a "Safe House" which had damned little to do with being safe. I chose it because I enjoy Denzel Washington. I can't really say if I enjoyed it because with the way it was filmed was blurry and weird and moved wayyyyyy too fast. Maybe it was just me and my age but it looked like it was made for younger people who spent too much time playing video games. I must be getting old.

That said, here are some more goodies from my email:

The Republican playbook . . .

Hypocrisy . . .

So much for things making sense . . .

Bernie nails it again . . .

Real genuine wisdom . . .

Steven Colbert got it right . . .

Have you seen these guys? Vote 'em OUT!!!!

I'll be around later to see y'all -- barring intrusions!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. I agree with you on some modern movies. They are geared for a younger audience that has been raised with a game controller in their hands. Sometimes the action is so fast and disorienting that I have to close my eyes or throw up. Loved the images and Colbert is definitely right on target.

  2. politics in the whole world today continues to astound me! Hell in a handbasket, I say.

  3. A woman voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. You've probaby posted that little cartoon already.

  4. Good goodies in your e-mail box this week. :)

  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Love your posters!
    Cop Car

  6. The more I see of your Republicans, the more I am glad I am not American, Kay. I don't think much of most Democrats but better them than an increasingly insane bunch of arrogant misogynists

  7. I saw old tv footage of George W last night...I couldn't believe the nostalgia I felt. I thought politics of conservatives couldn't get any worse. Boy was I wrong! At least George W wasn't facetious. I fear Mitt might well be.

  8. Nixon, Bush (1 & 2), Reagan were all flaming liberals compared to the current crop of cruel, snide, greedy, evil bastards who want control of this country. We will NOT let them have it!

  9. I too, worry about the state of the union with the Far Right running the Republican party. Thank you for the posters. They are great and I have safely tucked them away to send them to the Tea Party so called friends who send me their lies.

  10. Hello there, Kay. I hope you're feeling better today. I’m just stopping by to say hi and wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

  11. Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day Kay. Hope you're feeling better sweet friend. ~Joy

  12. Wonderful posters... now if only the Dems would flash them on the TV during the upcoming elections.

  13. Some good laughs -- barbara


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