Thursday, February 02, 2012

Update and Assorted Nonsense

I've been a very busy old gal!!! Today is (hopefully) to be "catch up" day unless life gets in the way as it is wont to do.

* It's Ground Hog Day and Punxatawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. However, Buckeye Chuck says that we're gonna have an early Spring. Here in Ohio we've not had much of a winter so we'll see. I predict that it will snow on my birthday in April.

* Y'all know that I love the Foundation where I get my medical care. I got a call last Friday from their lab to schedule the latest test and she said, "I noticed that you already are scheduled for a mammogram on Tuesday. If you can, let's schedule your carotid ultrasound for 1:15 -- just before it -- is that okay." My answer? "Not only yes but Hell yes!" Organized and considerate people rank high on my list.

* The first calls from Dr. Maria's office came in early Wednesday and I missed them because I slept in a bit. I'm not tied to my cell phone like so many folks are these days. So when I finally looked at it, I called back and spoke with her nurse. It was a good news/bad news joke. The good news is that my mammogram was good. The bad news: my carotid ultrasound showed "significant narrowing" in those arteries and they had me scheduled for an appointment with the thoracic surgeon next week -- the earliest appt. they could get me. Just what I needed. I'm telling myself that I can't worry about it until after I see him but still . . . I'm pretty worried about it.

* Our local Occupy movement is alive!! I'm glad!!! The bad news is that their email addy doesn't work and comes bouncing back and I'm trying to figure out how to get in touch with them. Argh.

* Despite our state's dire unemployment stats, Ohio is cutting everyone's food assistance significantly. Eating healthy isn't hard enough with the price of groceries rising by leaps and bounds so those idiots in the Governor's office and Statehouse are making it worse. I'm thinking of calling my reps and telling them that they have to take me to lunch once a week until they restore my assistance.
It's just another reason that John Kasich will be a one-term governor.

* A huge standing ovation to the 10,000 Hoosiers marched from their Statehouse to the site of the Super Bowl in Indianapolis yesterday in protest against Governor Mitch Daniels' "Right to Work" law. Rumor has it that the NFL Players' Association (prolly the richest union workers in the country) is considering some form of protest. This could get pretty interesting.

* My favorite economists are the MIT guys at The Baseline scenario. They show how every single Republican candidate's plan will increase the deficit and y'all can read it here. How do you spell hypocrisy? GOP.

* Mitt Romney doesn't care about poor people. Yeah, we all knew that but he actually said it in less than two minutes. He obviously doesn't get that a lot of middle class folks got demoted and are now poor!!!

* Who in the hell would name a kid Reince? What he said (in 1:36) was not only disgusting and a big fat lie but the delight and giggles at his childish idiocy really showed what the Republican Party has become and it ain't pretty!

Hope y'all have a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!




  1. Amen to all except the carotid appointment, for which my fingers are crossed.

  2. No, it's not pretty at all! Of course, Trump would endorse Romney. Makes sense. Millionaires supporting each other. Just like womanizer Cain supporting Newt.

    1. Well what do you expect from some one who doesn't believe that Obama was born in Hawaii?

  3. Double amen! And Lordy, Kay, I just looked over your list of blogs. It would be impossible for me to keep up with that many. And you still manage to post regularly. I'm impressed! Take it easy, how 'bout and take care of yourself--spite Romney!

    1. The good news is that not everyone posts every day and a few are pretty much dormant. My posting has become a bit erratic as I've been pretty busy and will get busier as the electioneering gets in gear.

  4. Good stuff Kay and we have sunshine in Ohio Yea

    1. Thanks, Joe!!!! It really is a pretty day!!! Makes me willing to get off my asker and go do my errands.

  5. I cannot stand what is going on in our country now--The OPEN Racism....This disrespect towards Obama is so obviously racism.....It Makes Me Sick!
    Much Good Luck with the Carotid Man...! Fingers Crossed, my dear.

    1. I feel the same way, Naomi!!!! And thanks!!!!

  6. Hi - I enjoyed reading your posts ...even tho I am a conservative. :)

    I like your comment, "He obviously doesn't get that a lot of middle class folks got demoted and are now poor!!!"

    I heard him talking and that is not what he meant at all. It is unfortunate that the powers that be in both political parties take things out of context and then you know that the masses that really do not follow politics, but will hear soundbites will fall for that stuff. Again ..Both sides.

    That being said ...what you said about middle class being demoted and now poor - I agree. We are middle middle class and feel we've been heading to lower middle class because I can't find work (I am so NOT used to that at all), husband gets zero overtime and as you've also mentioned price of food sky rocketing. not only that - utilities killing our budget ...heating oil, electricity and gasoline eat up and stress our budget and it is a challenge for sure. It's not my intent to be political here and so I won't go any farther ..but it really is true in how so many people are hurting. And no one is hiring and 400 applications for one position come in and people will take anything even though they are qualified for much more. My older son and friends got jobs easily when in HS and College. Younger son and friends not so easily. i did read the comments in agreement with your political view and find it so interesting how people can view things so differently and believe they are right. I include myself in the mix, I could easily toss out counter opinions/facts, but in the end it is stressful and takes so much time. I will say that even tho conservative ...I absolutely would cross over and vote democrat or 3rd party if better choice. I initially registered independent and then went republican so I could vote locally.

    My d-i-l is from Ohio and such a pretty state. i wish we east coasters could get some snow. Our ski areas look pathetic and feel sorry for them.

    last ...but not least is a wonderful thing when you have a quality medical facility/staff you are involved with. It sounds like they are really on the ball and thankfully they got you scheduled. Sounds like they caught it *before* it was too great of a problem and that is always a good thing. I had to leave my jobs in 06 because I kept having urology issues (written about in my blog ad nauseam ..although cathartic:) now resolved. It's how I discovered blogging and the med blogasphere ..which enabled me to vent with humor or whatever to deal with it all. I said that to say that I 100% agree with you regarding the importance of quality medical care/staff - makes all the difference in the world... especially if you are a frequent flier patient. I cannot imagine having gone through what I did if I did not have the most amazing doc and office to go to.

    I know it is hard waiting and feeling concern about procedures, etc. Please know I send warm thoughts and prayers your way. I hope it is alright but I am blogrolling you. Yours is first blog in long time that drew me out to comment. :) Oh and my wonderful d-i-l and I have agreed to never discuss politics or religion. :)

  7. Here is a link to another blog you may like.

    Sid Schwab is a retired surgeon in the pacific NW. Eloquent writer. I discovered him when I discovered blogs. I was looking up uro info, stumbled onto the Urostream blog - read the whole thing and then clicked on her links and Dr S was one of them and I was hooked on blogging since Oct 2006. :) I love his surgeon's blog, but he only writes politically now. You and many of your commenters would be kindred spirits with his political writing. :) His surgeonsblog is on his sidebar and he wrote fabulous posts. I got into blogging because I wanted to comment and thought I had to have a blog. I've always liked writing and I have been so hooked ever since. And it was cathartic being able to write about the med experiences i was going through and sometimes ..yes with zany humor - my way of venting about much of it. And going in the med blogs - I've learned so much and gotten support. Blogging - excellent hobby! Happy weekend! :)

  8. I'm not even going to comment on what's going on in our politicla would only get me riled up more.

    Good luck with your carotid artery appointment. It's useless to say don't worry about it isn't it? All will be fine Kay...try to relax. ~Joy

  9. The good thing about the Republicans is that they have reached the point that they mistakenly believe most everyone thinks the way they do and that the people who don't are in such a small minority that it is safe for them to show their true feeling about the poor, the rich the President. Rience Priebus is a fool.

    Also have my fingers crossed on the carotid ultrasound.

  10. don't worry too much much, I'm betting all will be fine with the drs

    the GOP disgusts me, more and more every single day
    I do love all the research you do

  11. Don't get me started on the politicians who have no CLUE about the nonmillionaires of the country.
    I hope your next appointment goes well. I'll cross my fingers...oops, not really because that is physically impossible for me because of my RA. So, I will say a prayer for you!

  12. I simply cannot believe how much costs have gone up for everything.
    I am so glad you are getting good and thoughtful medical attention, Kay.


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