Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Thinking Cap Tradition

Eartha Kitt is definitely one of my heroes. In addition to her glorious career as a singer and actress, she was a tough and courageous lady who rose above many obstacles to succeed. She's no longer with us but her legacy lives on with her distinctive voice and style.

Here's a holiday video that has become a Christmas tradition here. Do enjoy Miss Eartha in sable at age 79 . . .

Isn't she just fabulous????

Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Ah, Santa baby. Well you've just about made up for the Christmas groaners.

    There was one line she sang that sounded a lot like Frank N. Furter in Rocky Horror. Well, it was probably the other way around...

    Merry Christmas!

  2. It wouldn't be Christmas without Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby. :)

  3. I always loved her version.All others are lame by comparison.

    Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas Kay and thank you for your wonderful blog

  4. Christmas music season just isn't complete unless I hear Ertha sing about her Santa baby. Also, the one about her getting nothing for Christmas because she just didn't wanta be bad! ;) We girls have to protect our reputations, hum?

  5. I love 'Santa Baby,' and have watched it many times. Eartha was one of a kind. Merry Xmas Kay... ~Joy xo

  6. Wonderful :)
    Have a merry christmas

  7. One of my favorite songs, too. I guess that dates us, huh? Merry Christmas Kay!

  8. she was an amazing talent with a great haircut and pretty good legs. Merry Christmas.

  9. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Elaine--The neat thing about the recording industry is that really good renditions survive to entertain multiple generations. (But...yes...some of us are "dated", as in, my expiry date nears! lol)
    Cop Car

  10. I saw Eartha Kitt in an ill-fated 2006 Broadway musical called "Mimi Le Duck," about a Mormon who goes to Paris. The show was pretty lame, but even then, when the aging Kitt made her entrance, she lit up the stage, woke up the audience, and gave a fabulous performance.

    And Santa Baby -- that's a good one!

  11. A fine tradition. Here's wishing you a very happy Xmas!

  12. that was from "new faces of 1952," right?

  13. Murr: LOL Another 'Rocky' fan!!! You made me start wondering if they're still running it up in Akron on Saturday nights! And yeah, thanks for another blog idea!

    Colleen: No. it wouldn't. Only Eartha can make Christmas glamorous.

    GFB: You got that right! Although I'm told that the rendition my gfs and I do pretty well with it.

    Alice: I guess so. I decided that well-behaved women are boring long ago.

    Joy: She is indeed!!!!

    LTTS: Right back at ya!!!!

    Elaine: Dates us???? Nobody dates us!!!!

    Lorna: You betcha!!! With infinite style!!!!

    CC: Indeed!!!

    Sightings: Wow!!! I saw her in NYC in the late 60s and I can't think of the club but I think it was in the Plaza. She is incredible.

    Jams: Thanks!!!! Right back at ya!

    M.E.: Indeed!!!!


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