Friday, August 26, 2011

My Fate According to the Grand Old Party

If they take away my Social Security, I will die. No one will take care of me and I will lose what little I have.

I am currently considering what method of suicide would be best at The Hemlock Society's website. As a Catholic, I shouldn't be doing that.

However, the bottom line is that I paid into the system and there is an implied contract by/with the United States Government that by doing so, I would receive benefits when I retired or became disabled. I just want to know if there are some smart lawyers out there getting ready to file the biggest class action suit in the history of this country.

No one asked me if I wanted it taken out of my pay checks. They just took my money. Now the greedy Tea Party candidates in Congress want to take it away from us elders including the damned fool Teabaggers who elected them!

Copies of this are being sent to my Senators and my Congressman and I might just add Bernie for good measure. I've given up on Obama -- the White House website says they respond all messages but they don't. I'm tired of being rational and trying to be fair-minded while they destroy my life. It may not be much of one, but it's mine.

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  1. Thanks to Ronald Regan and his gang, as a teacher,I do not even qualify for SS. Not even my husbands when he passed away. It all stinks.

    I am hoping there will be many of us who stand up and say, "Enough" Keep your hands off our Social Security." Of course we never know what promise or oath the Republicans have given to each other.

  2. I came by, just to say hello and see how you’re doing.

    I hope you had a splendid week! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I don’t think that they can stop Social Security for people over 65 – too many people depend on it and would be furious. At least I hope so….

  4. I can't believe that you live in a country that doesn't intend to honour its commitments to social security. what a kick in the teeth that would be.

  5. Kay, I'm as frightened as you but we simply cannot afford to give up - there's too much at stake. I've read that sending letters by snail mail have a bigger impact. A small thing, I know, but still . . .

    Interesting that you should mention Hemlock. I got to know the founder through his second wife who I had gone to HS with - not a very admirable man. Anne helped him write the book "Final Exit." She assisted both of her parents when the time came and she followed suit within a few short years. I always felt that she couldn't live with the enormous guilt she felt about assisting her parents. The final exit may not always be the final solution to those who are left.

  6. Keep on fighting for your rights, Kay.

    I just cannot understand what it is with some section of the US population? Is everybody rich? Don't many NEED Social Security?

  7. I always wonder if these people are all rich. In any case, they clearly cannot imagine losing their jobs or their health insurance. Their smugness is deafening.

  8. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Kay--Selfishly, I want to keep you around for a long, long time. I enjoy you. That said, I have always been a huge believer in it's being a person's right to exit when they wish to do so - not when someone else decides they should and not when nature sometimes decides to get around to it. Good for the Hemlock society.

    For older folks who plan their own exit, the young folks who are left should thank their lucky stars that the old folks have taken responsibility for ourselves. I always abhorred the physician who forced my great-grandmother to linger for a year after she was ready to go (she died and he resuscitated her, against her wishes!) Poor Grandmother!
    Cop Car

  9. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Friko--To me, the questions should be, "Don't they recognize the needs of others?" Just because I don't rely upon Social Security doesn't mean that I wish to get rid of it for others. On the contrary: I am all for "means testing".
    Cop Car

  10. Hemlock Society? I've heard of it, but now I'm paying attention. Take away our SS? They can't do that, can they? Would the Presindet sign a bill like that? I'm agreeing with you: If they take away our SS, that's a death sentence. How did things come to this pass?? Where has Wotshisname in the White House been all this time? Playing golf with the Weeper? Gahhh....

  11. Hang in there,

    10-4 Willy

  12. Maria: I hear you!!! The GOP sold their souls to Grover Norquist for 30 pieces of silver.

    DG: Not bloody likely!

    Vagabode: They can and it looks like they're going to try.

    Lorna: I can. The GOP and Tea Party are the culprits.

    Leslie: I know but I'm getting tired because too many people including Obama don't seem to care.

    Friko: The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer and the don't 'get' what's going on.

    Snow: Think Kool-Aid and Jonestown.

    CC: I'm a Catholic and as long as
    I hold on to that I'll be okay. However, should I or others wind up without our income, our homes and food, you can have the the GOP arrested for murder.

    M.E.: Check it out. It's true.

    Willy: Why? Your party is engineering it.

  13. We may be jumping the gun a bit here as there's been no substantial proof that Obama is willing to kill SS and Medicare. Lots of rumors flying around but no hard proof. And for all their posturing, I think it's finally dawning on most Republicans that their constituents aren't too keen on the idea. The Tea Party is another matter but signs are everywhere that sensible Republicans just wish they'd go away.

    Personally, if SS is tweaked so it's more solvent for future generations, I don't have a problem. And if steps are taken to end Medicare fraud, which costs billions of dollars, I don't have a problem.

    The same goes for all the other entitlement programs. I live in an apt. complex full of people receiving food stamps, Medicaid, etc. The majority of them are truly, truly in need. But there are many - a good third - who simply shouldn't be on the receiving end and who survive by lying and cheating (and hate the government, I might add). The money going to these frauds should be going to those who so desperately need it.

  14. It is so tiring to have to keep on fighting - how rich do the ultra rich need to be? I mean, isn't there a point where the second billion dollars doesn't really matter?

    Apparently not - Heard this question asked of a billionaire once, his response: "It's not the money itself, it's just how we keep score"

  15. Then there's folks like me that lived on air and dreams. Now I don't have much SS to live on at all. Keep writing. Don't give up. Send that to Obama too.

  16. Lesley: I live in a neighborhood that's somewhat mixed but most of us are poor and I know exactly what you mean about those who abuse the system.

    Congressman Kantor, however, has made it abundantly clear, in the light of recent disasters, that he and his ilk don't give a damn what happens to anyone who isn't wealthy. Strengthening Social Security is one thing; putting people at risk is another. Groceries should not be a luxury item.

    Robert: As usual, you have cut to the chase! How much is enough? All I would like is to have enough money to pay my bills, have a decent nest egg so I can keep Miss Ruby running, and not worry about health care. AND if I never have to deal with the welfare system again, I would die a happy woman. Hell! One day I made a dream list of the things I would like to have and their costs (a paid for home, etc.) and they were bupkas.

    Money doesn't buy happiness; it buys comfort and a modicum of piece of mind. I think that's basically what we all want.

    Mage: I hear you loud and clear! My dreams have taken a serious beating lately.

  17. The more I read and think about this issue, the more I feel as if there is something I'm failing to understand. As a civil society, don't we owe things to each other? Isn't there such a thing as a social contract: that in return for being good citizens who sacrifice certain freedoms and who pay our taxes, take care of others, etc. we deserve to be included and looked after if we become disabled or too old to work?
    I really am kind of dumb, I guess.


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