Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tuesday Feels-Like-Monday Thoughts

Long holiday weekends mess  up my sense of time -- it doesn't matter that I rarely do anything worthy of note; they still leave me vaguely out of kilter.  I decided that instead of of just dismissing the antidepressant the doc gave out of hand, given my past experience, that I would be a  good little old gal and give 'em the old school try.  So I took the required dose before I went to bed and slept 9 hours straight -- which for me is rather long. Bet y'all are thinkin' 'Great!  She finally got some good sleep!' and y'all would be wrong.  I was groggy and disoriented alllllllllllll day.  I felt bad about it, too, 'cause Bryce and Gracie came over and I really didn't feel well and was teetering on the edge of an anxiety attack most of the day.  I was truly frightened.

Needless to say, I  didn't take it again last night and was just fine today and even did a few errands and cheered Gracie on as she rode her bike for me.  I swear that 60%  of the women I know over 50 are taking anti-depressants and about half of the prolly don't need them.  I don't need them either with the reactions I get from most of them.  And no, I'm not wildly thrilled  with my life but I just have to find something that will keep me busy and engaged on a limited income -- and that's a challenge since I'm pretty burnt out on volunteer work right now and would rather take a step back and recharge for the 2012 elections which makes sense to me. It's just a matter of finding the right thing. I'll be on the phone to the doc bright and early.  And no, I don't want another damn scrip, I'm just letting her know how it worked.

And oh yeah, I have another petition for y'all to sign here and pass it on, Justice Clarence Thomas is heinously violating 'conflict of interest' rules and accepting money from the wrong people. (Can you day 'Koch'? I knew you could.)   

Glad y'all enjoyed Jimmy Cagney -- he's an all-time favorite of mine, too!  Here's four minutes of fun with  Jimmy and  one of the best choreographed videos I've ever seen! It's a guaranteed grin!

The fireworks that have been exploding for the past few hours seem to be over so I can watch my Steve McQueen film festival in peace -- God knows "Bullitt" and "Papillon" require quiet to savor their artistry -- right?   LOL

Hope y'all had a great holiday!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Grinning...

  2. Kay, James Cagney never appealed to me, but that was because I only saw him in his gangsterish roles---I thought the dancing I'd seen was sort of a one-off. My, he was a talented short man.

  3. Colleen: Isn't it a hoot?

    Lorna: He was a dancer first and actually quite talented! I don't know about you, but I always noticed that the short guys were the best dancers. Sigh.

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM

    The song would never make me think of Cagney, but it seems to work. We watched him in the George Cohan story last night, and we were talking about the fact that we didn't realize he danced in movies. Now I see how many movies he did dance in. The stars of those days had all sorts of talents!

  5. Colleen: Me, too! It's a mood brightener!!!!

    Lorna: He started out as a hoofer! The 'bad guy' came later.

    AITBR: What struck me was how the person who made the video made it so the music for the clips! I looked at some of her other videos and she is brilliant!

    I would have never thought of old movie clips being combined with rock and roll!

  6. Cagney said that the biggest mistake he ever made was taking the role of the sociopath who pushed the old lady in the wheel chair down the steps. I can't think of the name of the movie (it will come to me at 3 am), He was so great in the role that everyone thought of him as being evil. I understand he was really a pussy cat and a very nice man.

    Anti-depressants are tricky. Sometimes your doctor has to keep experimenting to find the right one. My daughter has been down that road.

  7. Kay: You really do seem to have a good time in spite of your trials. You're so engaged with people and politics. And movies. I think I'll start watching more movies and get away from the heavy reading for a while.
    I think anti-depressants are very bad for most people. They did help my mother in law some, but they were a disaster for my daughter's partner. I told her she was an excellent candidate for psychoanalysis, being bright but disturbed, but did she take my advice? Naturally not, as a result of which she and my daughter broke up. IMO that did not need to happen. The antidepressants did nothing but make her impossible to live with, and she gained 40 pounds.

  8. Darlene: I agree. From all I've read, Cagney was a really good man. And the reason that I'm so taken with that video is the artistry in it that meshes the movement with the music.

  9. Hattie: Things aren't always what they seem. I do what I can when I can.

  10. Kay -- Enjoyed the Cagney dance scenes. Wasn't aware he was a dancer -- always thought of him as a tough guy -- barbara

  11. Kay! I agree about the Tuesday Feels Like Monday, except it felt more like Sunday to me. Maybe it's because I finally solved the NYT Sunday crossword. Haw. Hang in there, ol' buddy. I would probably benefit from some kind of mood lifter, but I have all these wonderful BLOGS for that! DC, local & federal, seems like it's gone to hell in a hand cart, so I'm picking my fights better. Yes, Clarence Thomas is a disgrace, but now about Scalia!? His son was a lead attorney for WalMart in the crap they just approved of. Kick 'em both off the bench!!

  12. Fortunately I haven't had much experience with antidepressants. The few times I've encountered them I kept wondering, "these are supposed to help !!??"

    Sometimes I take a Zanax to help me get to sleep. Pop one at 2:00 AM if I am still awake. But I pay for it the next day.

    I love all those Pharmaceutical ads on TV when they list off all the horrible side-effects... like sudden death. Wow, I'll run right out and ask my doc for that! Not

  13. Barbara: A lot of people forget that he started out as a song and dance man -- George M. Cohan loved him!

    M.E.: I think we elders need to show these kids how to demonstrate!!! (Do we have to do everything for them?) If this was the 60s, we'd be raisin' hell! Let's throw *all* the bums out!

    Robert: Damn docs keep telling me I'm depressed but I really don't think I am. No, I'm not ecstatically happy but I doubt my doc would be either if she walked a mile in my shoes. I take xanax on an as-needed basis because I get anxiety attacks now and again.
    It's a residual effect from my stroke over 30 years ago and it works. Because I know it's addictive, I am careful about taking it unless necessary.

    * Getting old ain't for sissies! -- Bette Davis

  14. Glad to hear you got the script out of your system and got a better night's sleep the following night. It's awful that sometimes (well a lot of times) the cure is worse than the condition.

    Thinking of you and praying all is well with you now.

  15. Was prescribed them once. They didn't do a thing so I never took them again! As for what day of the week it is, I've had company for so long I don't even know which end is up much less what day it is...I'm shooting for the 27th when it all ends! :smile:


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