Sunday, July 03, 2011

Just a Quick Giggle!!!!

I've been trying to get caught up on all y'all as well as working around the house and trying to adjust to new medication. That the sun is shining really helps!

I think y'all know what I think of Michelle Bachmann aka 'Sarah-Palin-with-a-law-degree'. My friend Russ up in Wisconsin calls her "Crazy Shelly" and posted all the reasons why we shouldn't vote for her here.

Hope y'all are enjoying the holiday weekend!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. I would NOT dream of voting for her although she is far less embarrassing to watch and listen to than Sarah.

  2. I would NOT dream of voting for her although she is far less embarrassing to watch and listen to than Sarah.

  3. I think you should vote for her. Her teeth match her necklace.

  4. What is this thing about Bachman I heard lately about her thinking the founding fathers were the ones who fought against slavery? Or Palin thinking Paul Revere was warning the British? Arrrghhhh! I've also heard that Palin supporters were trying to change Wikipedia about Revere to match what she said. Sigh...

  5. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Her law degree is pretty sketchy, too.

  6. It is NOW Official: The World has Gone COO COO Mad, with this woman running for President! HELP US, OH LORD!!!
    Vote for her??? I can barely speak her name!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Oh, Lorna, what a giggle you gave me!
    Cop Car

  8. I lnow a ocean's distance can change perceptions but are the Republicans deliberately trying to throw the election?

    Would people REALLY vote for for loons lie Bachmann or Paul?

  9. gabbygeezer5:34 PM

    I'm hoping she wins the Republican nomination, because she wouldn't have a chance of that proverbial odor in a windstorm of winning the presidency.

    I'll have to change the plan for my yard sign now. The old plan was "Palin for Prez--Give Stupidity a Chance." Proposed new language is: "Vote Bachman: Prove You've Gone Bananas."

  10. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Happy Independence day, Kay.

  11. Anonymous6:29 PM

    My American friend said she's a frightening bitch. Hopefully no one votes for her.

  12. I think Russ' post should be printed and posted everywhere. When you add the gaffe's and lies up you can't help but wonder at the mentality of the people who elected her. The woman is a blithering radical idiot.

  13. Fran: I didn't think you would!

    Lorna: LOL

    Kay: I don't know but bet she knows even less about the Constitution. And yeah, Palin's tried to change Wikipedia -- and got caught!

    AITBR: I wonder what her class rank was -- she prolly went to the Acme Law School. LOL

    Naomi: Yes, it has.

    CC: Lorna is a gem!

    Jams: Hellifiknow

    Dick: Never understand the stupidity of the electorate in this country.

  14. Darlene: Russ is the best! I subscribe to his blog -- and he's a new Elderblogger, too!

    Gene: Right back at ya!

    Charles: from your keyboard to God's monitor!

  15. Verbal gaffs occur on both sides of the political spectrum...Remember BHO's "fifty seven states" howler...People are human beings is my point...Voters put Palin , Pelosi and Bachmann into office...What does that say about we the citizens of the USA ?? Before you toss stones look at yourself...

  16. Paul: Yes, we all mistakes. However, with Bachmann and Palin a) do so repeatedly; b) they don't even know/admit they are wrong and in the latter case, her henchmen tried to change Wikipedia to suit her story of Paul Revere. Now THAT is ignorant -- not to mention childish and dishonorable.

    When I make a mistake, I admit it or correct it, if the latter is possible. (Please note the I said, 'when' and not 'if'.

    Ain't no angels at my house!


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