Thursday, June 30, 2011

Emptying My Alleged Brain

I've been busy as triplets this week between trying to keep up with y'all, the craziness the news brings each day, and fielding annoyances here (don't ask) while feeling plain damn lousy. Y'all can safely bet that I have a list for the doc tomorrow -- update forthcoming.

* I smiled when I read that Tom Petty, one of my favorite rockers, had his attorneys issue a cease and desist order to keep Michelle Bachmann from continuing to use his song "American Girl". I guess she flunked copyright law along with American history. And it's prolly a bad idea anyway since it was the song the Congressman's daughter was playing just before Hannibal Lector kidnapped her in "Silence of the Lambs" -- not a positive image.

* Digby over at Hullabaloo made this excellent statement: "Maybe after a full blown depression or a long and painful lost decade people will ask whether any of this makes sense. Right now, there's just nothing to do but fasten your seatbelt and hope you make it out of the train wreck alive."

* Rachel Maddow covered the delivery of the over a half million signatures to repeal SB 5 Ohio's union-busting bill to Columbus yesterday here.  There was, of course, a parade. We celebrate well here. :) And here's the truck so you can see what that many petitions look like (it's only about a minute long):

* And if you haven't signed Bernie Sanders' petition yet, you can sign it here. I kept track of it yesterday and approximately 1,000 signers an hour. Good stuff! And pass it on!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Congratulations to Ohio for delivering almost 1.3 million signatures to referendum that law. I hope the people in all states realize what is going on and vote accordingly next time

  2. The We Are Ohio folks (of which I am a member albeit not as active as I'd like to be) are great -- you couldn't go *anywhere* and not be asked to sign a petition. And our Attorney General was awesome -- she helped immensely!!!! The plan was that we needed 500,000 signatures but we were shooting for 700,000 in case of problems. As you can see, the citizenry stepped up with gusto! I am so proud to be an Ohioan!!!! What I can't figure out is how we elected Kasich!!!

  3. I think Digby's comment is about right. All we can do is hope we survive the train wreck. The only real argument on the economic front was whether it would be slow and hard or fast and hard. Everything that is being done will simply make it slow and hard. I gave a cheer when I read that 5x the number of needed signatures were delivered on the SB5 referendum. I just wish elected officials had as much sense as ordinary Ohioans.

  4. I sure hope my old buds were part of this big drive. (but I suspect in my heart they're Republicans). In any event, I'm proud of Ohio, and people like you!

  5. "Right now, there's just nothing to do but fasten your seatbelt and hope you make it out of the train wreck alive." - Digby

    Sucks. But she's right.

    The damn thing is, we're the richest nation on earth and the whole exercise in economic disaster is unnecessary, avoidable. But we're going to do it anyway.

  6. Wow !! That was a real impressive truck load of petitions. Congratulations to all of the hard working Ohioans that collected them.

  7. Great Groaner, so sorry you will have to take a long list to the doc, and yes, wonderful petition signers in Ohio.

  8. I went and signed the petition. I saw Rachel’s show yesterday and was proud of Ohio. Today I missed her because they had a special on PBS on Margaret Mitchell. One thing that made upset me though is that I read they had the result of the poll on the most watched TV news shows – O’Reilly is no. 1, Hannity no. 2. The top 12 shows come out of Fox, then comes Rachel. But I just can’t believe that so many people watch Fox which is not a news show at all. It’s really distressing.

  9. That was a fabulous piece on Ohio's petition, wasn't it? Gives me hope. And thanks for posting Bernie's petition. I tried all day yesterday to get on it, both from Ronni Bennett's links and from entering the url directly, but the site must have been close to a crash. Thanks to your link, I'M ON!! Does that mean I get to sign more than once?

    Feel well, girl. And if you can't feel well, be funny.

  10. Wow your brain was full.

  11. Sorry health problems continue.
    Keep up keeping up with other stuff to get narked about and the health problems will be forced to take a back seat.

    Nothing's as refreshing as getting into politics and shredding the politicians involved.

    Good luck.

  12. You guys get things done! That is fantastic!!!

    I hope we do survive the train wreck.

  13. Have a great weekend. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. Of course this story never hit the national network news, at least that I've seen. None the less, GREAT JOB!!


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