Friday, June 24, 2011

George Carlin RIP 1937-2008

It's Friday and it's been a busy week on too many levels. I think it's a good day for some comic relief, don't y'all?

George Carlin died June 22, 2008. He was my favorite comedian and kept me laughing at his irreverent and often profane commentary on our society -- both sacred and mundane. Here's a favorite bit from his earlier years:

More important is his razor sharp commentary on our country in the time preceding his death and how prophetic it was. He made us think about how we viewed the world and laugh in spite of it. Unfortunately, he too often ever so right. In his later years, his voice became tinged with anger and all too right. Here's a clip from 2005 that's almost apocalyptic as his words are becoming a reality:

I miss George. He was one of a kind.

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  1. How on earth did I miss hearing about his passing. He is/was one of the best, fowl language and all.

  2. This is so absolutely correct. I'm going to link to it.

  3. He's always been my favorite philosopher.

  4. funny man.

    10-4 Willy

  5. George Carlin died in 2008, and he's still missed!? Lots of famous people died in 2008 (lots of UNfamous people did, too): Margaret Truman Daniel...Richard Widmark...Bobby Fischer...Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger!!! it seems like just yesterday he died)...but do we miss them? Not so much...or at least not as much as we do Carlin.....

  6. I guess he was lighter in his youth and angry when he was older. I loved the first piece, especially since he mentions Hawaii in it and STUFF. The second piece is so true, but sad and scary too. He was a commentator who was telling it like it is.
    Thanks, Kay! You're right. I should have known it was you. Can I blame it on jet lag?

  7. He was my favorite comedian – so smart, so quick. He did not mince his words and he was always right. Sure miss him.

  8. Jan: Indeed he was!

    Hattie: Thanks!

    Jon: I think of him more as a social historian and critic.

    Willy: Indeed!!!

    M.E.: Agreed but George made us laugh at ourselves and I don't know about you but I love the people who make me laugh most.

    Kay: Yes, he was -- a lot of us have become angry as we've gotten older with everything that's happened in this country. Anyone who isn't angry is a) not paying attention or (b) too comfortable to care. And yeah, jet lag works.

    Vagabonde: Agreed.

  9. I loved George Carlin, too. Thanks for posting his "Stuff" bit. Something I've just recently discovered about George Carlin (because I have two two-year-old grandsons obsessed with trains) is that he tells the stories on the Thomas the Tank Engine show!

  10. I loved Carlin. I have his HBO specials on DVD and I can watch them over and over again. It's a shame he wasn't well known here in the UK. He would have gone down a storm.

    The late, great Bill Hicks was one american comedian who was more popular here than he was in the States. Another comedian who is sadly missed

  11. I miss George Carlin - he was so funny early in his career. Later on he was so angry, but so true. It's exactly what I want to tell people now and of course no one wants to hear it now either (although it seems more and more obvious to me).

  12. Jams: I liked Hicks, too!

    Ellen: As usual, we agree!

  13. George...he was one of my all-time favorites. I miss him too...what a brilliant mind.

    I don't know if you remember Kay, but Winston (our great blogging buddy) loved George and would often quote him or link to one of his videos. What's so ironic is that Winston posted a piece on George...and it turned out to be his last post. Winston died just a few days after George did. I cried my eyes out....but somehow if he had to go, going out with George seemed apropos. ~Joy

  14. That George Carlin rip about why our country is in decline I have posted on my blog before. It really sums it up for me and I agree with him that we are basically doomed to be taken over by a Corporate Oligarchy.


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