Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Kay's World is busy. And I'm up in the wee hours because an item I want on eBay is ending soon and: a) I want to make sure that I get it; b) I guard my 100% feedback rating like a mama hawk; c) my sleep patterns are still out of kilter. Sigh. Oh well, by posting now I can be off and running after my second cuppa when I awaken.

* A tip of my Thinking Cap to Steve over at The Yellow Something Something (I'm afraid to ask what that is) for linking and featuring the GOTW yesterday. I'm always delighted when someone enjoys it.

* Here's a video of the Rally for Good Jobs and Strong Communities last Week in Columbus sponsored by the BlueGreen Alliance.

Thousands attended and marched from Ohio State's Campus to the Statehouse lawn to continue the protests against Governor John Kasich's policies. We aren't giving up in Ohio. I'm intensely proud.

* Great quote: "Intellectual barbarians have overrun the Republican Party. -- Paul Krugman (My only question is: What took him so long to figure that out?)

* I'm still trying to get the stuff with Miss Ruby straightened out -- the cops are just pushing it off on the City Law Director. And, because of it, I haven't had time to go to the optometrist to get my new glasses. Sigh. The whole situation comes down to that my neighbor's kid can vandalize my car and get away with it. What's wrong with this picture? I'm too old for this you-know-what.

Dang!!!! This took longer than I planned! Sigh.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Kay, I do my readers a favor when I send them to your Groaner series! At least I think I do...

    The blog name has a story behind it. For many years, I called it The Yellow Doggerel Democrat (you do know what a Yellow Dog Democrat is, don't you?) and posted really rude political poetry (doggerel) on the blog.

    Eventually I left the Democratic Party for good and sufficient reason (though I still almost always vote for Democrats), and needed a new name for the blog.

    I was reminded of Lilian Jackson Braun's character Hixie Rice, who said about the as-yet-unnamed Moose County newspaper, "We have to call it SOMETHING!" Which is exactly what they named it... the Moose County Something.

    In for a penny, in for a pound, I replaced both "Doggerel" and "Democrat" with... Something...

  2. Hoping you get everything done that you need too---especially, those glasses! And of course, Miss Ruby!
    The justice system is really strange...I re-watched a documentary about Harvey Milk last night and I had forgotten the details of Dan White's outcome with the Jury...(All white and no gays)...He was out of jail in 5 years, and one young man of color said on the documentary..."What do you think would have happened to me if I had killed two people--especially a Mayor and a City Councilman?" Yup! It's wrong and unfair, just like your neighbors kid getting away with Vandalism...!!!

  3. I did not know what a Yellow Dog Democrat is (or was), so thanks for the mini-history lesson. I myself am more of a Blue Dog Democrat. Which begs the question: Why do Democrats call themselves dogs?

  4. Sightings - people attribute the phrase to Sam Rayburn, but I believe it's older than that. A yellow dog Democrat is a Democrat who would vote for a yellow dog if that's who the Democratic Party ran for office. In context, it's always pronounced "yella" or "yeller" rather than "yellow." Mad Kane was kind enough to send me the following passage about the subject:

    A "Yellow Dog Democrat" is an unswerving Democratic Party loyalist.

    The term comes from the 1928 elections. During the election, Senator Tom Heflin of Alabama refused to support fellow Democrat Al Smith. Instead, Heflin chose to support Republican Herbert Hoover, who would go onto become President.

    Many Alabamians disagreed with Heflin's choice and in retaliation popularized the line "I'd vote for a yellow dog if he ran on the Democratic ticket!" Compared to the hapless Smith, it illustrated the lengths some Democrats will go to support their party.

    Almost a century later, we now have Blue Dogs, New Dogs, etc., but I was never any of those. As for why I am no longer a DP member, well, read my blog, yellowdoggereldemocrat.blogspot.com :-)

  5. Did you get the item on eBay?
    I liked Steve Bates's yellow dog explainer.you all mericans sure have some colourful expressions for your politics

  6. Did you get the item on eBay?
    I liked Steve Bates's yellow dog explainer.you all mericans sure have some colourful expressions for your politics

  7. Yeah, thanks for the lesson. I didn't know what a Yellow Dog Democrat was either.

    Good luck with getting everything on your plate done Kay. I should go to the eye doctor, but just haven't made time for it.

    Good luck with the Miss Ruby issue too. ~Joy

  8. Did you get that ebay item? I usually get frustrated and give up!


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