Sunday, May 29, 2011

Run to the Wall Update

Thanks to all y'all for your kind comments yesterday's post on Sarah's latest idiocy.

I'm sorry -- but not surprised -- to report that it looks like a former board member did invite Palin and neglected to tell the board and that, my friends, looks pretty tacky at best to me and let's just say that my reaction turned the air blue. Y'all can read about it here and here.

Leave it to the Grizzled Mama to steal the conversation from this fine organization for her agenda. Didn't I warn y'all? Sometimes I just hate it when I'm right. I'm really disappointed that they have caved to her intrusion.

Anybody want to bet on how many times she calls herself the mother of a vet?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I hadn't thought about it, but I think you're dead on right!

  2. Hey Kay,
    I am appalled by Sarah Palin's actions...she will go to great lengths for attention and it really bothers me! She is no more qualified to be president thatn the man in the moon and I can't beleive people put up and encourage her antics; UGH!!!

    anyway, I do hope you are taking it easy after your elevated stress that took you to the ER...NOTHING is worth that my dear. and if I lived in Ohio, I'd gladly have gone hiking with you at Mohican...I love that place!


  3. Unfortunately, when it comes to Sarah Palin....nothing surprises me. I have hoped and prayed that her 15 minutes of fame would come crashing down on her; but she keeps pulling disgusting antic after disgusting antic out of her egotistical hat. I can only have hope that it will still happen. You betcha.

  4. I rarely have a visceral reaction to another human, but I have extremely negative ones toward Sarah Palin, but I'll admit it is media-driven. At this point I think she is a blessing to the Democratic party as her presence divides the Republican even more than they already are. These times are not boring.

  5. So, a former board member supposedly said she was welcome to attend the Rolling Thunder event. She decided to attend.

    That should have been the end of it.

    There were probably a lot of people attending who were well-known, but I didn't see any of them sending out a press release.

    As a follow-up, a member of the press contacted the media office regarding her stop in Philadelphia's historic areas and got, basically, a "Huh?"
    They didn't show any permits for any type of rally (...or special bus parking?).

    You might enjoy this blog:

  6. well, you know MY policy on she who must not be named. the woman is a freakin idiot! and yes, i did see and hear all the bikers rumbling up and down the streets this past weekend. why don't they stay the hell home?

  7. Sarah Palin is a major irritation in the news right now. Why not just NOT report about her doings? Then maybe she'll go away?


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