Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disrepect for Vets

The annual Run for the Wall aka Rolling Thunder has become an annual event which was begun by some Vietnam War vets to remember their fallen brothers (and sisters) in arms. It isn't political but a way to remember all the men and women who served our country and who are still unaccounted for from all our wars.

I think it's a great non-partisan/non-political organization and y'all can read more here. Their only agenda is respect and honor for the men and women who served their country. I may be a bit biased as the daughter, mother, sister and friend of many vets but if I weren't, I would still be angry with that media whore, Sarah Palin. Sorry for the language but nothing more polite fit as the video below shows:

Now y'all know why I'm so angry with her trying to imply that this fine organization is supporting her and trying to turn their honorable cause into a political event.

Don't forget to hug the vets you love best and take a moment to remember those who didn't come home.

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  1. I didn't know about this at all, Kay, so thanks for posting this video. I heard she was on tour but this really not OK for her to make the world think this group is supporting her.

    It's a beautiful weekend in So Cal and hope it is by you, too. There are all kinds of events happening around the city on Monday.

  2. Fran: The worst part is that she is intruding on this for political gain and making these guys/gals who have no such agenda look like they support her. This is about our troops past and present. A solemn event could get ugly if her supporters show up.

  3. I saw this yesterday on MSNBC and the only thing more revolting than her is those who support her. She is disgusting and nothing is beneath her; but if she didn't have followers, she'd still be in Alaska.

  4. I don't even have any more words for Sarah Palin. She's so disgusting with her deep seeded need for media attention that it literally makes me ill. Please, SOMEONE...make her go away.

    Have a good weekend Kay... ~Joy xo

  5. I didn't know about this either, Kay, so thanks for sharing. Shame on Sara Palin. Unbelievable.

  6. I usually don't resent people, Kay, especially women, but this woman galls me to no end! She's a shameful representation of women in this country--God forbid other countries think American women are like her!

  7. Palin is a poop! what a witch!

    Yes, it is a time to remember all those who served and hug those around us who have :)

  8. Palin showed up dispensing a smile and a wave at the last showing of "Dancing With the Stars." She had nothing to do with the show since last season, when her daughter stumbled around the floor for a few weeks.

    This media hog is beneath contempt.

  9. Hi Hope you are having a great weekend.. Palin just makes me cringe

  10. Rain: So very true. That *anyone* buys into her nonsense tells me that our education system needs to start teaching logic and critical thinking skills again.

    Joy: I'd like nothing better.

    Wild: Amen!

    Alice: She set of my inner alarm system the first time I saw her.

    LTTS: Indeed!

    Dick: Yes, she did and yes she is. And her toadies undermined that, too.

    Joe: Meeeeeee too!

  11. Kay -- thanks for the news about Palin attempting to steal the memorial ride in D.C. She certainly has gall. Looks like she is going to ram the run for presidency down our throats. You called her out -- good for you -- barbara

  12. Bsrbara: I am very interested in veterans issues as military service seems to be a tradition in my family. And my brother, a vet of Desert storm and the currant debacle, is very active in veterans' issues. That Palin wants to steal the conversation appalls me. Allegedly she and Todd are want to ride with them and that's okay but if they let her start spewing her idiocy, I think thy will be hurt their cause and credibility.

  13. The best thing about being away overseas for 3 weeks was that I did not hear anything about Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. I try to change the channel when I hear their names now as I want to keep my blood pressure down. Both of these women are a disgrace to this country.

  14. This is a new low for Sarah, even for her, and I am with you Alice. This person, (hate to admit she is a woman) makes my skin crawl.. For the life of me, I don't see what draws people to her..
    Thanks Kay for the heads up..

  15. Is that bloody harridan still a serious presidential candidate in anyone's eyes?

    If so God help America!


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