Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update and Random Thoughts

I've been a very busy old gal! Between doctor appointments and tearing my place apart as I cleaned for my annual inspection, I've been exhausted. The latter didn't have to be so onerous but I decided that if I was gonna clean, I should clean, i.e., closets, bookshelves (which in itself is a job for Batman, sorting clothes and extraneous items for the Salvation Army, organizing files that had piled up, and all the chores one tends to gloss over/putt off. I'm glad I did but now the mission is to keep it that way and that my friends, is my challenge.

On Monday I'll be having cataract surgery on my right eye and right now I'm going through the regimen of eye drops every four hours. (God bless my cell phone's alarm clock feature) and will probably sleep a lot afterward.
It's outpatient surgery and my upstairs neighbor will be taking me which should be an adventure. I'm not really scared this time 'cause it was no problem when I had my left eye done but I'm still a tad trepidant which I suppose is pretty normal.

I've also been somewhat paralyzed (read: all stressed out with no one to choke)over all the news from Japan and the craziness (from guess who?) in this country. I am frightened that the GOP wants to cut Social Security and am preparing for war. I've heard too many people just shrug it off with an "oh they won't do that" and I'm amazed that after all the other stunts they pulling across the country that anyone could say that with a straight face. I am getting ready to go to war on this one. I've thought about picketing my Congressman's office but it's out in the township where a lot of rich people live and the cops owe a lot to the Gestapo out there. That said, his latest newsletter he tells us that Congress is on the right track. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right and I have oceanfront property in Arizona.

I am so proud of the folks in Wisconsin and even prouder of my roots in that great State and I'm guessing that some of my many cousins are standing loud and proud. I can tell you that 'stubborn' is a strong trait in that State and learned never argue with my mom if she thought she was right. Then again, it's a trait I inherited from her as did my brother and sister.

I really am upset with Ohio Governor John Kasich who disallowed several Republican state senators from voting against Senate Bill 5 -- the union busting legislation and rammed it through. I was wondering about a recall -- like is happening in Wisconsin and Michigan -- and finally got around to checking and the Constitution of Ohio has no recall option so we're stuck with the sleazy you-know-what (insert your favorite Anglo-Saxon barbarism). We can impeach him but with the GOP in the Statehouse, that's a non-starter. I'm going to be on the phone trying to find out if someone is spear-heading an amendment initiative and if they are, I'm going to help. This should never have happened and change is essential.

When I was catching up on my reading yesterday, I found some great stuff that I want to share with y'all:

* Anthony Weiner sent along a video of him poking fun at his 'friends across the aisle' here. While you're there, sign up for his newsletter. He's a hoot and a real fighter! We need more like him. It's only two minutes and is sarcasm at it's finest.

* Twelve states are planning to cutcorporate taxes while increasing the taxes for working families! Of course, Ohio is one of them. The only one in our family who lives in a sane state is my son in Nevada. We just legalized gambling in Ohio but I guess the greedy bas. . . er . . . uh . . . you-know-whats can't wait gouge us.

* Here's my hero in Michigan -- it's only 1:02 minutes -- and worth every second! Enjoy! And I agree that his exit line should be a bumper sticker!

* Check out the letter a Tea Party conservative wrote to his wife. Some people actually get it sooner or later so don't give up!

* Also, those wonderful folks at Crooks and Liars has some great videos here that also include a text version for those of you who have difficulty with video. I liked the one that featured Rep. Keith Ellison (who I'm adding to my list of heroes) on the floor of Congress and oh, yeah, there's also Bill Maher with some great New Rules.

Well I think I've rambled and ranted long enough. Thanks to all of you for your love, support and friendship. I'm trying mightily to catch up with y'all but with everything else right now, it's slow going.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Good luck with your cataract surgery! I am sure you will be fine.

    As for the rest, what else is new?

  2. Our favorite cataract surgery story. Our elderly neighbor came over to our house so I could do his drops. Did the drops - only to figure out, he'd told me the wrong eye. Got it all done - over. Surgery went great.
    I know you'll be fine.
    Love the letter to the teacher!

  3. I'll be thinking of you and your surgery, Kay. I love that letter to his teacher wife. It's the husbands and wives of dedicated teachers who know what it's really like. Thank you for staying on top of things for us.

  4. Hope your surgery goes well. Mom had her last round of it a couple of years ago and I remember well her round of eye drops and the fight we had with her (former) general doctor to get the papers signed to tell the eye surgeon that she could handle the anesthetic. Guess you can figure out why that doctor is now 'former.' We are also watching the budget battles and what they may indicate about what the b*%&$rds will do to us. And we are not at all sanguine about the situation--Social Security is too tempting a target.

  5. Good luck with the operation Kay. I'll be sending good thoughts from across the Atlantic

  6. I keep thinking you can read my brain, even though I'm thinking about different politicians and heroes. They're interchangeable, except at the top where Harper is way scarier than Obama

  7. Good luck with your cataract surgery. What I remember about my surgery was what I had to do afterwards.

    You had to have a chart to be sure that you used the right bottle, the right amount of drops etc. etc.

    Hope all goes well for you, even the ride to the office with your neighbor!!

  8. I will add my best wishes for a successful surgery Kay.I am just about finished the post-operation drops and waiting for the next eye to be done.

  9. Countin' on you to weather this surgery well today. It's doing those darn drops that I'm always glad when they're done, as Millie commented and you likely know. Understand your apprehension as I felt the same each time I had mine done many years ago. Unless I kick the bucket -- which I don't plan any time soon -- I'll likely have to have the lens implants again in my lifetime. Miraculous that we can have this procedure when I think of the state of vision with cataracts during my grandmother's day. Without it, you and I would be relegated to -- well, I don't like to think about coping with life without that vision correction.

  10. Good luck with the surgery. I think you have the most interesting blog of the hundreds I've visited. Don't ever stop!

  11. gigi: It did! Actually. it's getting worse.

    Colleen: Great story!! And I had to share the teacher story -- it's really a gut wrencher.

    Kay Thanks and I knew you would like the letter.

    Mary: Thanks!!! It went pretty well and you are using the proper term for the GOP. :)

    Jams: Thanks!!!!

    Lorna: Great minds think alike!

    Millie: Thanks! This is my 2nd round with this so I know it will go well -- & it did.

    GFB: Thanks!!!! It's going fine!!!

    Jo: We Ohio gals are tough! And you had better hang around a long time!!!

    Dick: Awwwwwww shucks!!!! That's high praise coming from a Wisconsinite/Michigander!!!! I have an eclectic blog because my mind, like me, wanders many paths. LOL


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