Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Valentine's Day was a day. I did get two dozen roses but I wasn't happy about it. Flowers don't eradicate lies and I'm not for sale. Alex called from Florida to see how I was doing and that was nice. I think he's adopted me as he seems to call once a month and I'm glad because I worry about him.

I'm trying to keep blogging. And if anyone wants to tell me why, I'd appreciate it. I still have to do my taxes but after I pick up some paperwork and drop it off, I'll be done with the bureaucratic bul . . . er . . . ah . . . stuff. I know it's a fact of life but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

* Woke up to a power failure that lasted until almost noon. I'm not heading out until it's warm enough to shower. Grrrrrr . . .

* I was going over my bank statement and noticed a credit of thirteen bucks from Social Security. I hadn't heard from them, I was perplexed so I called them and, as always, I talked to a very nice helpful young lady who informed me that my disability was increased $2.50 a month. I guess I can buy that four carat diamond I've been wanting. (hollow laugh)

* I also heard from the IRS. Yikes! Last year when I received my tax refund, I was a tad annoyed because it was about $200 less than my online tax preparer had calculated and vowed to find a new one. The letter said that I would be receiving $197.00 within six weeks so I guess my tax preparer was right and they can do my taxes again. How come they can penalize me if I make a mistake but I can't penalize them if they make mistake?

* If y'all haven't seen it, Bob Herbert's brilliant commentary on what is happening to us ordinary mortals is here.

* Lawrence O'Donnell stood up with class and style to Bill O'Reilly who is taking crazy to new lows and unequivocally showed O'Reilly as the idiot that he is in this brilliant commentary. If you have problem with video, you van read the text here. That anyone gives O'Reilly any credibility astounds me and probably flunked 8th grade science among other things.

* And a heartfelt "Thank you!" to Nance for her too kind words! I sincerely appreciate your friendship.

Here's the Song of the Week that's been rattling around my poor, damaged brain:

Hope y'all are having a great day!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    hey, I'll take the money from SS and the IRS gladly. How come that never happens to me? lol. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Well... you got two dozen more roses than I did, that's for sure. I hope you keep on blogging, Kay. I'm doing a blog post a day until my 3rd Blogaversary on the 31st. Then... I don't know what I'll be doing. Probably slowing down a bit, too.

  3. gigi: The point, in case you missed it, was that I should have had that money a year ago and a 3-dollar increase is not going to help me much.

    Kay: Maybe, but Art loves you and doesn't need to try to buy you & I'd bet he's never lied to you either. I don't want any contact with the person who sent the roses.

  4. what a mixed bag of goodies that was. Good things, bad things, in-between things.
    Just like life at any time.

    Hope you are having a better than middling week.

  5. That was a powerful video. My big disappointment in the O'Reilly Obama interview was that the leader of the most powerful country in the world wasted valuable time talking to that MORON!

    I'm pretty sure our president knows how the moon got here.

  6. you're a tough girl, ms. thinking cap!
    you also got twenty four more roses than i did, but roses are roses, y'know...far better than some lying armhole....

    carry on!!

  7. Friko: Such is the world, unfortunately.

    Robert: I'm glad you liked it. It's time someone stood up to Bully O'Reilly and I'm glad it was another Irishman!!! I couldn't help thinking 'shades of Keith O' as O'Donnell spoke. Anf I agree that Obama gave him any time is a wasted effort. Sigh.

    M.E.: The roses were from a lying armhole so I am not thrilled.

  8. Kay: It's really unjust what you get put through.
    No reason to look on the bright side under the circumstances.
    But please keep on blogging, because what you have to say is important.

  9. I admit, these are not real roses but these are the only ones I could send across cyberspace. I hope these make up for an otherwise disappointing St. Valentine's Day. You are the best!

  10. The more I see of Lawrence O'Donnell the better I like him. Sometimes being calm and quiet when you zap someone is much more effective that ranting. I watch him every night.

    I only got one cheesy Valentine and I think that, had I been you, it would have pleased me to know that you caused the liar to spend so much money buying NOT ONE but TWO dozen. That should have been a good payback.

    I hope the roses had a nice fragrance and that you could separate your dislike of the sender with the pleasure of enjoying them.

    Sorry, I missed something someplace. Is Alex your brother?

  11. Hattie: There are plenty of people worse off than I am. I just get tired of struggling. And yeah, I could have and, still could sell out on my principles and my soul in the name of Mammon but I won't. That wouldn't be me and I couldn't live with myself.
    Also, they are not just roses -- they are a guilt/contol thing.

    Jeff/Octo: I love your roses and kind words. Thank you!!!! It wasn't that bad of a day -- just frustrating on many levels. Such is life in Kay's World. Spring will be better.

  12. Darlene: The price of the roses isn't even a pinch to him. If he thinks he can buy me, he hasn't paid attention in the 40 years he's known me. Alex is his dad and he's ashamed of his son's behavior. If he wasn't still in mourning, I'd send him to you. You would like him. He knows how to treat a lady.

  13. you keep blogging because it keeps us all connected
    and because you have something to say that should be heard

    the think about Bill O that is really sad is that he is mild and informed compared to most of his cohorts on Fox

    Hope and the furries send hugs
    and I do too

  14. my problem with someone who lies to me isn't so much the lie. I can forgive that. What I couldn't forgive is when they don't admit it because then there's no chance for real dialogue or change. Roses are no substitute for that (this is my second try to get a post to work here. I hope both don't go through when the first looked like it did not).


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