Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Exercise that Actually Works for Me!

Since my stroke thirty-three years ago, exercise has been a problem. Although I walk relatively normally my balance is out of kilter so I really don't get into it as a form of exercise. Other things like Yoga or aerobics are difficult at best because some of the movements are difficult for my limited range on my left side and the instructors and classmates' lack of patience add stress in an already difficult situation for me and just make matters worse so scratch those off the list of options. A while back my good friend, M.E., who blogs at Xtreme English sent a link to a program at RealAge and as usual I was skeptical -- you're not the only one, Robert. It's an interesting program that gave me food for thought.

And then I saw and tried the video. While it's a challenge to some of my mobility issues, it's less stressful than feeling pressured/embarrassed than being in a class with a bunch of snotty, able-bodied women. Truth be told, some of the moves are quite difficult for me and if my body argues, I just walk and try again the next day. This isn't about losing weight for me -- I don't need to lose weight. What I do need is strength and stamina. Leslie, the instructor, is a good cheerleader and I'm learning to adapt some of the simple moves to my limitations and hopefully, with daily practice, I'll better and better. AND it takes less that fifteen minutes and by the time it's over, you've done the equivalent of a mile! I've noticed that it's already begun to help my energy level -- a good thing! I hope to do it twice a day eventually. I think two miles is a good idea.

Do enjoy the RealAge site. It's a treasure trove of information. There's even a chair workout for those whose legs are more challenged than mine (but I might try it anyway) as well as lots of health and diet info. I took the Real Age test and, as usual, it put my blood pressure nutty. When am I going to ignore those things? My medical history is weird and atypical in the extreme and there's really no way in hell these people can accurately assess my health. My doctors tend to say that I'm in pretty good shape so I'll stick with what they say.

Hope this helps some of y'all. If nothing else, for you outdoorsy types it's something to do when bad weather appears and y'all can't go out to play.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. I'm so glad you have found something that you like and works for you!

  2. Oh I Pray it continues to work for you!!!

    Big Giant Hugs!!!!


  3. Kay,
    I guess I am one of those awful "able-bodied" women in the gym. Still, I think I know what you are saying because I find myself thinking others are watching me stumble or
    fail to do an exercise properly. Truth is no one is really watching. Everyone is much too busy doing their own exercise.

  4. I need to commit to something in the way of exercise. I'm very active, but not the way I should be.

  5. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Good you found something you like. That's so important. After all, why waste time doing something you hate.

  6. The video interests me. Might share it with some folks where I live--and myself too. Appreciate that how one eats is put into the mix right away. Couple of us started "Food for Thought" gatherings and my plan is to add physical activity to it.

    Thanks for your kind words at my blog. Been having lengthy startitis recently: posts begun but not completed just sitting and waiting.

  7. Thats an interesting video,Kay.I hope that you find the time to keep to an exercise plan. I know it can be difficult.

  8. Glad you've found this - for you and for me. I like to and can walk outside but not when it's minus 40 degrees.

    I also like the recipes. Thanks. Keep on walking.

  9. I think you have the right idea of figuring out what works for you. You know the ole sayin' "different strokes for different folks." Wish you could find a group more flexible and adaptable to varied performance levels with a range that might even include some less functional than you, as well as those more functional. But...seems you've found a program that does work for you so sounds like the video is the answer.

    You have more spirit and drive than many so-called "able-bodied" people I encounter, some much younger than you, so give yourself credit for what you're doing! ;-)


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