Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Assorted Nonsense

I'm sitting on a sheet of ice. How cold is it? It's so cold that salt won't melt the ice on my sidewalk. Thank God, I don't have to leave the house today. The good news is that it's going to melt tomorrow although the weather folks are predicting rain AND snow. Sigh. I love Ohio.

* I'm still not caught up with my "gottado" list here but am too crabby to bother with it today so I'm trying to get caught up here. I think I'm getting cabin fever. Then again, who knows what the spirit will move me to do.

* Thanks to all y'all who left such nice words on the River Stones project. It was an interesting challenge. I'm always interested in exploring this sort of thing and hope Fiona comes up with more such exercises.

* I've been invited to join and blog with a group of Ohio Democrats who, most likely, will be keeping an eye on our new nutty GOP governor and assorted others around the state. If I decide to write, I'll probably weigh in on my Tea Party Congressman who is already on my 'bad' list. Here he is at a Town Hall meeting with a guy I know turning him into toast.

* The man (and I'm being polite) who drove with a trunk full of explosives from California to Dearborn, MI really has upset me. I know that mosque. It's a beautiful edifice. When I was going with The Man, we often went to Dearborn, where he grew up and lived until he moved to the suburbs, and I always marveled at it's beauty when we passed it. Dearborn has a large population of Arabs -- many of whom own businesses and are active in the community and I was really impressed with them. All are proud to be Americans and the Stars and Stripes are displayed prominently at most of them. A favorite story The Man tells is that when there was a huge and long power outtage in Dearborn there several years ago, the Arab merchants opened their doors and allowed residents to buy food and other necessities by simply charging what they needed (all the ATMs were down) by simply writing down their name, etc. and didn't lose a cent. I thought that lovely. Another thing that gave me a giggle was that the Arab parents requested a more modest dress code at the high school. My experiences there were nothing but positive so what this guy from California did really tripped my trigger. Here's a video from those wonderful folks at Crooks and Liars:

I especially liked Mr. Hamad's stance when he said: "Disrepect toward any faith is a disrespect to all faiths." I believe he is right.

* Does it bother anybody but me that that the best news/political commentary I'm hearing is from John Stewart and Steven Colbert?

I'm off to get caught up on y'all!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!



  1. I can't believe that the salt won't melt the ice - and I sure hope that you get some thawing tomorrow and no more snow!

  2. watching the video of the "town hall" I am continually amazed by these so called "American People" the Republicans keep invoking? I'm an American person and my medical premium is the highest expense I have, higher than my mortgage was.

    I think the "American People" the GOP is talking about are wealthy business men, equity holders, and wall street executives. They ain't talking about you and me.

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I hadn't heard about the Dearborn incident. That does look like a beautiful Mosque. The man is right about disrespecting all faiths. Imagine the outcry if it had been a threat of bombing a white, evangelical Christian church.
    We are actually enjoying very cold, but sunny weather here. Only a little snow (for us) this time!

  4. Now that's cold Kay. But I have so much snow on my walkway...that I can't even attempt to put salt out there. I hope you do thaw-out tomorrow. I think that won't happen here for a few more days. Keep the faith sweetie...

    Oh yeah....John and Steven....the best. I love them.

  5. Thank you for posting postive things about the Arabs. He is right it is disrespect towards all faiths. I hate stupid racist people. We are all in this together, no matter what race or religion we are. People better get a grip on that.

    Stay warm :)

  6. Always find your blog interesting. Your videos add depth to your posts. I am completely blown away by political folks that do not know what is happening to various groups such as seniors. They advocate for increased costs in health care for the people with the least dollars. The political folks that do this to this sector of our culture are bought and paid for by folks with millions to billions. Difficult to understand how the wealthy elite are so protective of their wealth. -- barbara

  7. Judy: Neither do I. I'm going to have to go get more salt. I've already almost of a 30 lb. bag.

    Robert: I hear ya loud and clear.
    I'm on Medicare and the damned Teabaggers don't get it that the people they elected aren't on their side! I'm waiting to laugh when their hoverounds break and they can't get 'em fixed.
    They aren't talking to us. I know the guy who was hollering at Renacci in the video. We went to high school together and boy, he's gotten smarter!!! He did the Class of '65 proud.

    AITBR: Glad your snow is better.
    And I really like your point re: the church. The outrage would still be echoing for weeks.

    Joy: I hear ya!!!

    LTTS: I respect all faiths (or lack thereof). All I ask in return is that others respect mine.

    Folkways: They know but they are bought and paid for by their corporate masters. Am I cynical? Hell yeah!

  8. Keep your head above the snow, if you can. I'm leaving all the politicking to you, dear one.

  9. Yikes! I didn't hear about that fellow trying to bomb the mosque. It's so disheartening to hear of these crazy Americans. They're acting as crazy as the terrorists.

    Gosh I haven't watched Jon Stewart in forever. I met his mother once at a teacher's meeting a few years ago. She was our guest speaker and she was fabulous.

  10. nonsense? pithy stuff, I say!

  11. I'm with Robert the Skeptic all the way here. I keep wondering when the liberals will rise up.

    "Disrepect toward any faith is a disrespect to all faiths."

    I don't respect any faiths, but I have nothing but contempt for people who attack one other peoples places of worship.

  12. Shelly2:20 AM

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