Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Is a Four Letter Word

I'm late getting started today so this is gonna be short -- for me anyway. The snow is still coming down in my part of Ohio. It's pretty to look at but going out in it is no fun at all. I hate winter driving. The Symphony is still happening tonight but I've decided that I won't be wearing anything elegant; 'warm' will be the order of the evening's attire. Good news: the opening at the gallery will be next week.

* I had a couple nice notes thanking me for the Anthony Weiner videos. I like Anthony and I subscribe to his YouTube channel. We need more guys like him and Bernie Sanders (three minute video on health care here) in the House. Both are on my list of heroes.

* I'm happy that Gabby Giffords has been released from the hospital and is going to rehab and a pox on those who want her to resign her seat in the House. No one knows better than I that those fine folks who work with trauma patients perform miracles daily -- I'm one of them -- and I've no doubt they'll do the same with Gabby.

* Glen Beck is after Jewish people. Does that ring a historical bell? I resent that. You can see video here.

* I'm saddened but not surprised that Keith Olbermann is leaving MSNBC. I liked Keith even when I disagreed with him. He has chutzpah. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Comcast, which is merging with MSNBC, a bunch of conservatives? They say that they had nothing to do with his firing -- and I have some ocean front property in in Arizona if y'all are interested. Y'all can go to Wired for more. I hope Rachel Maddow isn't next. Here's Keith's farewell:

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!



  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    yes, dress warmly. Also, I don't watch much TV, but I hope your shows continue to please you. What remains of them!

  2. I am shocked and saddened by Keith leaving MSNBC. There are so few on TV who carry the liberal message to counter the Faux talking heads. I understand he will not be able to be on any other channel for a long time. Too bad.

    We have so few to speak the truth in the media and in Congress. I do admire Weiner and Sanders tremendously. You are right, Kay; they are heroes.

    I find it really in bad taste for anyone to suggest that Gabby should resign. Those Republicans want our idiot governor to replace her with a 'radical right' type Congressperson. Gah!

  3. Great post, kay! I'm grateful for all the good writing you direct us to. keep on keeping on! and enjoy the symphony, even if you have to wear your longies....

  4. Did I say I watch TV? No I do not. I cancelled my cable years ago when I realized that I could get what I want to know from other sources, (YouTube and live streaming).

    Darlene: I agree wholeheartedly om all counts as I'm sure you know. And yeah, that dumb Jan Brewer would love that.

    M.E.: Thank you! I can tell that not everyone agrees with you because my comments are down. I care about my country and the fate of my fellow Americans.

  5. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Yes, now I recall that you canceled cable. But, I don't even do YouTube and live streaming. I am strictly a printed matter kind of person. lol.

  6. Gigi: I get my newspapers online as well and red those in addition to whatever books -- usually two --I'm reading and countless blogs.

  7. I think Keith will do fine, wherever he ends up, and it will become apparent that this is the best career break he could have gotten.

    c.f. Conan O'Brien.

  8. Thanks for getting me up to date. I heard about Keith Oberman on TV tonight. That's really too bad.

    If Gabby does resign and a Republican should get in, that would not be good. I'm just so excited about her recovery progress.

  9. Thanks for sharing that...I missed it on TV. Too bad it wasn't Beck or Limbaugh signing off!


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