Friday, January 07, 2011

Snow Is a Four Letter Word

It's snowing in Ohio! Then again, it's January and that's normal. Cleveland usually gets it a lot worse than we do. "Lake effect" is the operative term the weather folks use a lot. My walks are not shovelled yet but I suspect they will be when the boys get home from school. The city has done a wonderful job of clearing the streets -- as always since our present Service Director was hired. I know him personally. He's a great guy and he runs things better than anyone ever has in the decades that I've lived here. Other areas are not so fortunate:

And this photo is from a couple years ago and illustrates how nutty some of us are here in the Buckeye State. And no, I don't know the guy -- I know some pretty crazy people but not that crazy. Do y'all think alcohol was involved?

Here's the song for today by the late great Dean Martin -- an Ohio native who was born and bred down in Steubenville, Ohio:

Hope those of y'all in the path the storm are safe and warm!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. We've got six inches here in NY and it's still coming down. We've got kids on the road today; safe home everyone.

  2. Nothing yet in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, but then, again, we often miss the worst of any storm.

  3. We're supposed to get about 1" tonight. Bah. And then more is expected on Monday.I may move to South America.

  4. we get very little here; so i appreciate its beauty when it does come. It is inconvenient though! Our rural road crews are wonderful.

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    What a crazy guy to swim in the snow! And nude, no less! LOL.

  6. Here in Atlanta Ga we are due to get some snow or freezing rain on Monday. I prefer snow to freezing rain. So does my doggie, Buddy. Last time it snowed a little bit he rolled and wiggled on his back in the snow. We said he was making a snow angel :)

    Take care.

  7. I do remember how they kept saying it was "just lake-effect snow" as if it made it less heavy or troublesome. Was it prettier? Actually, it seemed lacier, but maybe I just thought that because it was lake-effect snow?

  8. Last time I was in Ohio (in Alliance), the snow was beautiful; a friend and I took her two large dogs for a walk in a nearby woods. But I was glad I didn't have to deal with the mess myself! (My first step out of the house, I hit an icy patch and landed on my behind.)

    The last time it really snowed in Houston, a decade or so ago right before and after Christmas, I was scheduled to play music at Holiday Lights in the Park. The celebration was NOT canceled; we moved my harpsichord through the snow and played the gig, wearing our heaviest overcoats. (Those are not very heavy in this part of the world.)

    Last year sometime we had a very light snow; somewhere on the web (uh, where?) I put up a movie of snow falling in our back yard, just to prove it happened.

  9. Kay -- snow came and filled in nature's tiny crevices but no depth. Except, I live on a ridge that requires a small motorized climb and is usually icy after even a small amount of snow. Think I will look into chains. Nice to have kids that shovel snow. -- barbara

  10. Sighting: I'm glad everyone made it safe. Hope it stops soon.

    Elaine: Be careful!!!

    Judy: I hear Belize is lovely.

    Rain: I don't really mind it if don't have to drive in it any distance.

    gigi: I think he had too many adult beverages.

    Chancy: I'm with you. Snow at least provides traction.

    Kay: I think Lake Effect is a synonym for 'lousy' ot 'more'.

  11. Steve: Alliance? At Mt. Union? It's about 15-20 miles from me!
    It's a nice little town. And yeah, ice can be deadly. Snow in Houston? That was an adventure!! And I love harpsichord music!
    You're really gifted!

    Barbara: Yikes!!! Chains sound like a plan.

  12. We are suppose to get snow Sunday, not looking forward to it. We still have snow from last week (which is wierd cause it usual all melts really fast here)

    Ya gotta love the crazy people in life, they make life entertaining :)

    I didn't know Dean Martin was from Ohio. I like learning little tidbits like that, so thank you :)

  13. Not in the middle of all that snow--But it has been pretty cold here---For Los Angeles, that is!
    And we DID have quite a deluge last week....Hoping the sun will be out for a while now.

    Love that madman swimming in the snow---Yes, "Spirits" must have been involved!

  14. THAT Guy is definitely from DOWN SOUTH!!!



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