Saturday, January 29, 2011

Opening Night

It was snowing again last night but not so badly that the opening of the quilt exhibit was cancelled again so I got dressed up a bit and brushed Miss Ruby off and headed downtown to Lynda's gallery where I met with warm welcome from Lynda and her husband Mike -- two of my favorite people -- and some much-needed hugs. {Note: all photos can be 'embiggened' for a better view by clicking on them.}

Armed with a glass of a nice Cabernet and my trusty camera, I wandered around to see the quilts and all the other wonderful examples of art in its many forms. (I lusted over a necklace I loved that, of course, was too expensive. Sigh) The gallery is small so the wall are jam packed with all sorts of lovely things. It's also a working gallery in that Lynda teaches classes for both adults and children and sponsors groups for hobbyists.

Last night, Karen and her quilts were at the forefront. Here are a few photos of my favorites:

Marge, who works with a wide variety of media but mostly creates fabric art, did the interesting portraits below. I missed her opening so I hadn't met her which was remedied last night when she stopped by. She's a really interesting lady and who is retired and exploring all sorts of things and was interested in that I blog. I bought a print of one of her portraits that I'd been wanting. I really want a real one but I have to win a couple hundred in the lottery first. Maybe if I bought a ticket . . .

Here's a lousy but fun photo that resulted when Mike and I played dueling cameras. It also shows that there was a pretty good turnout for a snowy evening.

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Looks like a great event. Hope the Cabernet warmed you up on a snowy evening. I was really shocked when I first heard about the drilling in our Parks.. Did you see what the new head of the ODNR used to be the head of?

  2. It looks like it was a fun time. Glad the snow didn't keep people away.

    Loved the quilts, you took great pics :)

  3. Glad to read about you getting out and enjoying some friends, culture, and a spot of wine, too!

  4. I love that second quilt!! What a great place that must be.

  5. I love these quilts and the space itself looks so homey and inviting, particularly in the snow. Glad you got out and about.

  6. Looks like a fascinating exhibit. Have quilts my Mom made many years ago, so interesting to see generational differences in patterns. Empathize with your longing to personally own various art items that catch your attention as through the years I've had to pass up quite a few myself.

  7. Those quilts are beautiful art works.


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