Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday -- Quick Notes

I got a lot done yesterday but there's still a lot to do. I'm one those people who has "but first" syndrome; i.e.. I say, "I'm going to clean out the cupboards, but first I have to . . ." So everything takes longer than I planned. (sigh) The good news is that I feel motivated -- and that's a good thing.

* The quilt exhibition that was cancelled last week due to snow is tonight. Guess what? It's snowing. Sigh. I hope to go and have pictures tomorrow.

* My friend Robert the Skeptic asked (shouted) this pertinent question in comments yesterday: "WHY IS PALIN STILL IN THE NEWS??? ARGGGGHH!" I understand and I've asked it, too. I think it's because the damn Tea Party loves her. I'm boycotting her along with Faux News until the word that she's done comes in from my sources.

* T. Boone Pickens -- my favorite billionaire -- was on The Daily Show talking about what he knows best: oil. He makes great sense. We're the only country in the world without an energy plan. Why?

* I'm still be hind on email and visiting. When I'm in housework mode, it's best if I stay on task so I'll be catching up with y'all soon. I hope.

Here's the song of the week: The Jefferson Airplane live -- how's that for a blast from the past? I loved Grace Slick's voice.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I'm with Robert. She is not news.
    Good luck with maintaining the motivation.

  2. I can't believe I missed so many of your posts this week. I don't know how that happened. I didn't read much during the week due to other obligations, but I am catching up.

    Glad you're getting organized. It feels good when it's over.

  3. In housework mode? Really? get thee behind me, Satan!

    I hate housework and any kind of 'but first' will do to get me off the track.

  4. Don't worry about any of us. Just stay focused and finish your to-do list. It will feel so good when you're done.

  5. Well rats - to comment I lose Grace singing. I'll go back.

    Your "but first" is what I call my domino effect. Favorite example is wiping off a spot on the fridge only to figure out the whole thing needs to be cleaned. Oh well.

  6. I sympathize with the "but firsts..."

    About 13 years ago I met someone who helped me get a long way toward curing that. Her name was Mary Lou and she was a manager. Like most managers, she had a desk piled with papers and a schedule crammed with meetings. One of the other managers asked me to take some document in to her and have her proof it. When I walked into her office, her head was down and she was obviously concentrating very hard on something. I felt guilty for interrupting her. When I told her what I needed, I was fully expecting her to take it, add it to one of the teetering stacks, and say "I'll get to it as soon as I can." Instead, she took it, skimmed it, made a few changes, and handed it back. Done. No need to think about it, worry about it or plan any more of her day around it. I had honestly never seen anyone deal with a job that way before and it inspired me. We're always taught "Get the first things done first and save last-minute additions for when you have time -- don't let yourself get sidetracked." But if the last-minute additions are trivial yet necessary, get 'em out of the way, even if they weren't on your original list. Letting them sit can be a distraction you didn't count on. Thanks for letting me share that.


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