Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a Tough Time of the Year!!!!

I've been trying very hard to be positive through this blessed season, but as y'all know, I haven't felt well at all for quite a while. I even did some Christmas shopping for my grandnieces and nephew and my neighbor's kids and drove up to Akron to deliver the former to my brother today and actually caught them home. I guess I'm spending Christmas alone and I think I'm okay with it given the circumstances. The good news is that they gave me a photo of my new grandnephew, Carter, Last night my left foot felt weird so I yanked off my sock and the top of my foot was scarlet and swollen. I immediately went and grabbed one of the frozen gel packs I keep in my freezer and put it on the area. This morning it was worse.

After I left my brother's house I headed to the walk-in clinic that is on the way home. Mercifully, they weren't busy and took me right away and quickly diagnosed my problem: cellulitis. For now I am to keep my foot elevated, keep lotion on it and take heavy duty antibiotics twice a day. If you click above on the link, you can learn about it. I am scared because it can be deadly and I hope we caught it in time. I will be seeing Dr. Maria on Monday for my six month checkup so that kills two birds with one stone and is probably a harbinger of yet another doctor's appointment. Do any of y'all know anything about this? If so, please email me here. I am scared.

After I left the clinic, I stopped at the grocery and got food for the holiday weekend and then headed to the pharmacy for my scrip. The biggest challenge when one lives alone is staying off one's feet so this not fun. I tried to call Michelle because want to set up a time for Bryce and Gracie to come over for cookies and presents and I need Bryce to help with a couple things, but she hasn't returned my call. Sigh.

I know it's a tough time for a lot of people. This video came in today and all I can say is: been there; done that; couldn't afford the T-shirt. We're hurtin out there, folks!

And this one is a hoot!

If I remember correctly (and I can't bet the ranch on that), this came out when I (and some of y'all) was a kid.

Wish I had better news!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Gosh, kiddo, I'm sorry to hear about the foot. If it's not one thing, it's 20 others. When you are sick, it is hard to live alone, I agree.

  2. It's really not about my foot as much as it's about as that it could kill me -- this is serious stuff.

  3. Willy is wishing you a Merry Christmas and hope that life looks up in the future.

    10-4 Willy

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    You are the second person I know of my blogging friends who have been diagnosed with cellulitis inthe past few weeks. Check out Mark's blog at He will give you his experiences, I am sure.

    He's a great guy. Has been laid up for about a week with it. But at least he doesn't live alone. Do you have any neighbors who will help you out? Wish I were close by to stop in and check on you. Stay in touch here as much as you can so we know you are ok.

    Hugs going out to you, sweetie.

  5. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Terrible! I hope the antibiotic kills the infection before Christmas rolls around. It's a good thing you started taking it, instead of waiting until Monday. I wonder what caused it. Take care!

  6. Hurry up and get healthy again, Kay! As one who lives his life wearing a monstrous orthotic boot on one foot, I can certainly sympathize with you; serious foot problems are no fun, and sometimes more than a little scary. Hang in there; I'll be thinking about you and hoping your problems go away.

  7. I know nothing about cellulitis, but I do understand why you're unsettled. I did read somewhere that the more familiar you become with the internet, the scarier your life can be, and I remember looking something up and slamming down the lid of the laptop, as a way to save my mental health.

    If that sounds shallow, remember the source. I can never resist going for the grin.
    I wish you lived near enough so that you wouldn't be alone.

  8. I know nothing about that problem but hope they caught it in time as from what you have learned, it sounds bad. Take care. Watch a Holiday on the netflix stuff as it was a movie to take your mind off what's going on around you for two hours. We saw Eat, Pray, Love last night (also netflix) and it's not one I'd buy (unless it was in the $5 bin) although it's always a pleasure to watch Julia Roberts when she's in her glamour mode. It was like a travelogue and that was fun... not to mention Javier Bardem but there wasn't enough of him and there needed to be. It's odd as it's about a topic I like but as with the book it just didn't register with me.

  9. Kay, don't know anything about cellulitis but am so sorry to hear that you have it. I know this is scary for you, have your priest come by. Sharing with him may give you peace as you battle this thing.

    I'm rooting for a quick recovery, take care

  10. Willie: Thanks!!!! This stuff is ugly!!!!

    AITBR: I visited Mark -- he's a hoot! I joined the harem. I don't ask for help usually but Bryce was over this a.m. and I gave him a couple chores.

    gigi: This stuff is really complex and can be a killer. Check the link. I'm really not to go anywhere until I see my doctor.

    Steve: I understand the boot thing -- it sucks. Handicaps suck. I did time with a brace (attached to ugly shoes) on my leg after my stroke at age 31. My now ex-husband said my getting rid of it was a tribute fashion and vanity. This stuff spreads and can kill you, so I'm following orders faithfully.

    Lorna: I've done that, too. Then again, I know to take this you-know seriously. The doc said it was good that I went in because left untreated it gets nasty.
    I'll be fine. Bryce and Gracie are coming for a bit and my upstairs neighbor is coming for eggnog.

    Rain: If *anything* goes outta whack on the left side of my body, I don't mess around. And yeah, last night I hauled out the Christmas DVDs.

  11. Kay, I'm so sorry about the cellulitis. Did the clinic give you any idea how you might have gotten it? I sure hope it clears up soon. Please try to have a peaceful (if not merry) Christmas.

  12. Anonymous9:04 PM

    So sorry to hear you are not well. Please keep us posted as best you can. Wish I lived closer I'd bring you some homemade chicken soup.

  13. I would suggest that you get some good old movies, your phone by you, some good magazines or books,and some kind of food that you like and is good for you. Give the birds some seeds, give your favorite merchants a small bag of Hershey kisses. Walk down the street and smile at everyone. Don't do anything that will set off being in a melancholy mood (like listening to Christmas music). -- barbara

  14. LTTS: Nice idea but I really don't want much company and Father K. has his habds full.

    Judy: It'd just weird. No idea what caused it. A germ gone awry.

    Genie: Awwwwwwwww thanks! You're a sweetie!!!


  15. Barbara: All good ideas if I wasn't dealing with this damned cellulitis. I'm supposed to keep my foot elevated and stay home.
    I went out today for a bit because no one takes care of me but me but I'm really not supposed to do anything.

  16. Gosh I'm so sorry you've been having it so hard. I've been so busy with stuff and family and am behind on my blogging friends. This sounds dreadful, but I know you're following doctor's orders and will be literally on your feet again soon. Now I'm going to retract from the beginning to see where you are right now! Way better I hope!


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