Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Rivalry

I know some y'all think the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is pretty nutty and it probably is. However, neither Ohio nor Michigan is known for its glamour or sophistication like California or New York. Both states are "flyover country" and not worthy of notice most of the time. We are down home, flag-waving "just folks". Once a year we go nuts. It's a 100-year-old rivalry and we have fun with it mostly.
Anyone who takes it too seriously is truly insane.

Someone had a good time with photoshop and it refers to the fact that we've won the last five games and are going for six. I can't hate Michigan too much -- I grew up less than an hour south of Ann Arbor in Toledo so there are a bunch of Michigan fans there. My stepmom is a Michigan fan and it's not her fault she was born there. LOL

Here's a "hype" video. There were ones that I liked better but sometimes there was profanity and I prefer not to sully my blog with certain cuss words if y'all get my drift.

For all the jokes and the craziness we do respect each other. A few years ago Michigan's long time coach Bo Schembechler passed away a few days before the game and you can see the respect we Buckeyes had for this great man here.

And I'll close with the band's signature script 'Ohio'. I always get a kick out out of it!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging and Goooooooooooooooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!!



  1. I am somewhat aware of this rivalry, but, in truth...I know very little about it. But I do understand College Team Rivalries....USC & UCLA, for instance, and right here in the same town....(lol). It makes for exciting games, that's for sure!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving Kay....!

  2. A love friendly passionate rivalries :)

    Go Buckeyes!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Kay
    Thanks for always leaving me a kind word

  3. Naomi: We have fun with it and it makes a nice break from politics!

    Dianne: It doesn't always sound friendly but it is intense. I'm a sucker for tradition. And I enjoy your blogs immensely!!!!

  4. I hope your Thanksgiving is Wonderful! You are one of the blogging friends that I am thankful for. I find it amazing that there are such wonderful folks in the world that technology has allowed me to know. My best thoughts are with you.

    My husband went to NC State, so has FIERCE opinions about college football. I get the rivalry thing - and some days it is good, other days not so nice! But for you, I hope the Buckeyes Crush Michigan State!!!!

  5. Willy is ready for about 4 days of Football. Saturday Arkansas VS LSU is the game. Rooten for the Hogs.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving Kay.

    10-4 Willy

  6. Really neat post, Kay. I've been in the thick of Ohio State vs Mich. rivalry during my Columbus TV years, then married to an OSU alumni. I worked with a band member who had the honor of dotting the "i" when in the band. Later when he moved from commercial TV to public broadcasting he offered and I had accepted a position at WOSU-TV, but before I could start I had to give it up when we moved to OU area. A good friend was an OSU head cheerleader and he got us tickets so we could attend the games and their were other friend connections. In-laws had season tickets and never missed a home game, even after her husband died, the widow kept going when she was well into her eighties. Just watching Script Ohio triggers so many memories for me and always brings tears to my eyes. Now, our son who grew up steeped in his Dad's fierce Ohio State allegiance has, coincidentally, wed a Univ. Mich. alumni which has become their home, so we've known the good-natured rivalry first hand. I continue to experience an Ohio bond that will always be with me -- the true heart of America.


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