Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Game Day! Gooooo Buckeyes!

It's game day!!!!! I'll be glued to the TV most of the day right here at home. There are parties all over town and I'm invited to several but I'd rather be at home with my own stuff.

Tailgating starts early in Columbus and the campus and High Street (where the college bars are located) have been rocking since last night. It's pure unadulterated crazy fun. If you're interested in game data you can find it here.

Our coach, Jim Tressel, is going for his sixth straight win against the Wolverines and his signature scarlet and gray sweater vests have become part of the legend. "Beware of the vest" signs are seen everywhere to remind everyone what great coach he is. He isn't flamboyant like Woody Hayes. He's incredibly low key and quietly coaches some of the best young men ever to play in the 'Shoe to victory.

Yesterday, the Wolverines arrived and did a walkthrough at the 'Shoe with their coach, Rich Rodriguez.

Another factor is our excellent (on the field AND the classroom) quarterback, Terelle Pryor, who is a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Here's a video of some of his moves:

And, of course the band is always important. Here's their excellent entrance that is a long time Ohio State tradition. I love it.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging and Goooooooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Hope your team wins. As for Hawaii, if we win today, we will be co-champs in the WAC -- co-champs with Boise State and Nevada!!! 3 way tie.

    Go Warriors!

  2. You are so funny. Those of us who do not have the football gene don't understand. We love ya tho.

  3. Me and probably about two or three others in the country have no interest whatsoever in football. The only thing more boring to me than football is golf.

  4. Hmph...Ohio State beat Michigan State. I didn't know anyone in Ohio when I was forming my college football allegiances, and my dear friend Martha got her M.A. from Michigan State.

    Anyway, you know how some blogs have, like, contribution boxes?? Should we put some on our blogs???

    Happy Saturday. Hope you're not blitzed by now....

  5. I haven't clicked on the tube yet so I hope your team won! The Buffs played & lost (sigh) yesterday, they played Neb. for the last time. We are leaving the Big 12 for the 10. It was a sad day yesterday to know there will never be another game with the Huskers.

    Once again, I hope the Buckeyes won :)


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